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  • June 30, 2022 |
  • Categories: General

  • Habitat use and reproductive success of ospreys in central interior California
  • The current distribution and putative spread of the channeled apple snail in California
  • Observations of extreme dehydration and rehydration leading to recovery of a threatened California tiger salamander
  • Distribution, morphology, and karyotype of San Joaquin pocket mice from the western Mojave Desert
  • Larval and juvenile Longfin Smelt diets as a function of fish size and prey density in the San Francisco Estuary
  • Characterization of a developing recreational deep-drop fishery for swordfish off southern California
  • Impacts of domesticated ferrets upon wildlife, agriculture, and human health in the USA, compiled from state agency surveys and literature review, with special emphasis upon California

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  • April 28, 2022 |
  • Categories: General

  • Testing a single-visit sampling approach for fecal DNA abundance estimation of tule elk in the Lake Pillsbury Basin
  • Macrohabitat suitability model for the Trinity bristle snail in the Greater Trinity Basin of northern California
  • Microhabitat characteristics and management of the Trinity bristle snail in the Greater Trinity Basin of northern California
  • Population density and habitat selection in the San Pedro Mártir rainbow trout in mountain streams of northwestern Baja California, Mexico
  • Status and distribution of Arroyo Chub within its native range
  • Machine learning to understand patterns of burn severity from the SCU Lightning Complex Fires of August 2020
  • In Memoriam: Nina Jo Kogut (1969–2021)

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