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California Oil Spill Study and Evaluation Program

Scientists collecting samples

The California Oil Spill Study and Evaluation Program (COSSEP) provides a mechanism for investigating, evaluating, and improving applied Oil Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) programs, best achievable technologies, and our knowledge of the adverse effects of oil spills in the marine environment. The goals of COSSEP are authorized in the Government Code § 8670.12. The program also supports scientific and technical studies that will enhance oiled wildlife rehabilitation and the department’s natural resource damage assessments. The COSSEP program coordinator is Bryand Duke, however, during the RFP period (July 17 to September 12, 2018), questions should be sent via email to

Request for Proposals

Full solicitations may be found at the CalEprocure website

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Reports and Products from COSSEP Funded Projects

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Heather Sironen
Phone: (916) 324-6252

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