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2021 California Invasive Species Action Week: Saturday, June 5 - Sunday, June 13, 2020

The 8th annual California Invasive Species Action Week will be held June 5 through June 13, 2021. The goals of California Invasive Species Action Week (CISAW) are to increase public awareness of invasive species issues and promote public participation in the fight against California's invasive species and their impacts on our natural resources. Check the 2021 Schedule of Events to fine an event near you.

Youth Art Contest Seeks Invasive Species Detectives

CISAW Youth Art Contest: Help the California Invasive Species Program by creating your "Be An Invasive Species Detective" art project! This year's theme encourages students to think about how paying attention to their surroundings can protect against the spread of invasive species.

“Detectives look for clues and use observation to solve crimes,” said Elizabeth Brusati, an environmental scientist with CDFW’s Invasive Species Program. “We want young people to look for ways to stop the spread of invasive species. Helpful actions could include choosing native plants for landscaping, not releasing unwanted pets into the wild, reporting invasive species sightings, and taking precautions to clean, drain and dry gear after visiting waterbodies."

For more information about the Youth Art Contest, check out the CDFW's Youth Art Contest page.




A voucher collection (Excel) of non-native species collected by MISP surveys consists of a few individuals (1-6) of each species in individual vials with pertinent metadata. These vouchers are available to taxonomists and legitimate scientists for further research, per approval by MISP staff. One complete collection is held at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) and another collection is curated by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. For additional information about the voucher collection, email

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