OSPR Chemistry Laboratories: Field Services

Laboratory staff examining samples
Laboratory staff recording field data

The role of the OSPR Laboratory Program (OLP) doesn’t end at the door. The OLP’s pollution response functions all start in the field with the Wildlife Officers. Laboratory staff support investigators in the field by preparing pollution action kits and equipment, providing training at the warden academy, interpreting data, coordinating sampling and testing for more complex events, and joining them in the field when specialized equipment or skills are required.

Scientists based at OLP provide technical expertise to assist wardens in building their cases and evaluating damages pursuant to Fish and Game Code Section 5650. Chemists at the Petroleum Chemistry Laboratory determine what materials are petroleum products based on lab analysis. Staff at the Water Pollution Control Lab evaluate field results and toxicity data to determine what materials are deleterious to aquatic life. Laboratory scientists are made available to serve as expert witness to support pollution cases in court.

Staff at the OLP also provide field support to a variety of local and state agencies and nonprofits organizations that monitor water quality, and respond to pollution events or investigate fish kills. You can learn more about OLP partnerships and field work on our Special Projects page.

Resources for the Public

To report a Poacher or Polluter: CalTIP- Californians Turn in Poachers and Polluters

Track response efforts to recent pollution events: CDFW Cal Spill Watch

Statewide emergency communication and notifications: Cal OES Warning Center

Resources for Investigators


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