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CDFW Wildlife Area operational changes due to COVID-19: CDFW plans to continue operating wildlife areas and refuges to provide recreational opportunities consistent with California Department of Public Health and county public health guidelines regarding COVID-19. Continue to check the Emergency Closures page for updates. Effective February 1, 2021, camping activities on CDFW lands resumed for those areas where camping is permitted.

Ecological Reserves and Wildlife Areas of California

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Agua Hedionda Lagoon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Albany Mudflats Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Alameda
Alkali Sink Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Fresno
Allensworth Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Tulare
Antelope Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Sierra
Ash Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Lassen
Atascadero Creek Marsh Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Sonoma
Bair Island Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3San Mateo
Baldwin Lake Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6San Bernardino
Bass Hill Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Lassen
Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Battle Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Tehama
Big Lagoon Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Humboldt
Big Sandy Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4San Luis Obispo
Big Table Mountain Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Fresno
Biscar Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Lassen
Blue Sky Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Boden Canyon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Boggs Lake Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve2Lake
Bolsa Chica Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5Orange
Bonny Doon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Santa Cruz
Buena Vista Creek Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Buena Vista Lagoon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Burcham and Wheeler Flats Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Mono County
Burton Mesa Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5Santa Barbara
Butler Slough Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve1Tehama
Butte Creek Canyon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve2Butte
Butte Creek House Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve2Butte
Buttermilk Country Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Inyo
Butte Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Siskiyou
Buttonwillow Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Kern
By Day Creek Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Mono
Cache Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Lake
Calhoun Cut Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Solano
Camp Cady Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6San Bernardino
Canada de los Osos Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Santa Clara
Canebrake Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Kern
Cantara-Ney Springs Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Siskiyou
Carlsbad Highlands Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Carrizo Canyon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Carrizo Plains Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4San Luis Obispo
Cartago Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Inyo
Cedar Roughs Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Napa
Cinder Flats Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Shasta
Clear Lake Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Lake
Coachella Valley Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Coal Canyon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5Orange
Colusa Bypass Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Colusa
Coon Hollow Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Butte
Corte Madera Marsh Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Marin
Cosumnes River Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve2Sacramento
Cottonwood Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Merced
Crestridge Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Crocker Meadows Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Plumas
Dales Lake Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve1Tehama
Daugherty Hill Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Yuba
Decker Island Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Solano
Deep Springs Lake Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve 6Inyo
Doyle Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Lassen
Dutch Flat Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Modoc
East Walker River Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Mono
Eden Landing Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Alameda
Eel River Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Humboldt
Elkhorn Slough Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Monterey
Elk River Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Humboldt
Fall River Mills Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve1Shasta
Fay Slough Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Humboldt
Feather River Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Yuba
Fish Slough Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Inyo
Fitzhugh Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Modoc
Fremont Valley Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Kern
Fremont Weir Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Yolo
French Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Riverside
Goleta Slough Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5Santa Barbara
Gray Lodge Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Butte
Green Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Mono
Grizzly Island Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Solano
Hallelujah Junction Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Sierra
Headwaters Forest Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve1Humboldt
Heenan Lake Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Alpine
Hill Slough Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Solano
Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife AreaWildlife Area5San Diego
Honey Lake Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Lassen
Hope Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Alpine
Horseshoe Ranch Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Siskiyou
Imperial Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Imperial
Indian Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Lake
Kelso Peak & Old Dad Mountains Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6San Bernardino
Kerman Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Fresno
King Clone Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6San Bernardino
Kinsman Flat Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Madera
Knoxville Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Napa
Laguna Laurel Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5Orange
Laguna Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Sonoma
Lake Earl Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Del Norte
Lake Sonoma Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Sonoma
Liberty Island Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Solano
Little Panoche Reservoir Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Fresno
Loch Lomond Vernal Pool Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve2Lake
Lokern Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Kern
Los Banos Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Merced
Lower Sherman Island Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Sacramento
Mad River Slough Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Humboldt
Magnesia Spring Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Marble Mountains Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6San Bernardino
Marin Islands Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Marin
Mattole River Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve1Mendocino
McGinty Mountain Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Meadowbrook Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Mendota Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Fresno
Merrill's Landing Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Tehama
Miner Slough Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Solano
Monache Meadows Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Tulare
Morro Bay Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4San Luis Obispo
Morro Dunes Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4San Luis Obispo
Moss Landing Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Monterey
Mouth of Cottonwood Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Shasta
Napa River Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Napa
Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Napa
North Grasslands Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Merced
North Table Mountain Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve2Butte
Oasis Spring Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
O'Neill Forebay Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Merced
Oroville Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Butte
Otay Mountain Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Palo Verde Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Panoche Hills Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Fresno
Peninsular Ranges Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Petaluma Marsh Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Sonoma
Peytonia Slough Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Solano
Pickel Meadow Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Mono
Pilgrim Creek Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Pine Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Modoc
Pine Hill Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve2El Dorado
Piute Creek Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6San Bernardino
Pleasant Valley Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Fresno
Point Edith Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Contra Costa
Putah Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Solano
Quail Hollow Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Santa Cruz
Rancho Jamul Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Rector Reservoir Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Napa
Red Lake Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Alpine
Redwood Shores Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3San Mateo
Rhode Island Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Contra Costa
River Spring Lakes Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Mono
Round Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Mono
Sacramento Bypass Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Yolo
Sacramento River Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Glenn
Saline Valley Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Inyo
San Bruno Mountain Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3San Mateo
San Dieguito Lagoon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
San Elijo Lagoon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
San Felipe Creek Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Imperial
San Felipe Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area5San Diego
San Jacinto Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Riverside
San Joaquin River Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Fresno
San Luis Obispo Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4San Luis Obispo
San Luis Reservoir Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Merced
San Pablo Bay Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Marin
Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Santa Rosa Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Riverside
Section 630(b)63, Title 14, California Code of Regulations* Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Inyo
Semitropic Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Kern
Shasta Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Siskiyou
Silver Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Lassen
Sky Valley Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Slinkard / Little Antelope Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Mono
Smithneck Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Sierra
South Spit Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Humboldt
Spenceville Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Yuba
Stone Corral Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve4Tulare
Surprise Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Modoc
Sutter Bypass Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Sutter
Sycamore Canyon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6Riverside
Sycuan Peak Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Tecopa Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve 6Inyo
Tehama Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Tehama
Tomales Bay Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Marin
Truckee River Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Nevada
Upper Butte Basin Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Butte
Upper Newport Bay Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5Orange
Volta Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Merced
Walker Canyon Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve5San Diego
Warner Valley Wildlife AreaWildlife Area2Plumas
Watsonville Slough Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3Santa Cruz
Waukell Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Del Norte
West Hilmar Wildlife AreaWildlife Area4Merced
West Mojave Desert Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve6San Bernardino
West Walker River Wildlife AreaWildlife Area6Mono
Willow Creek Wildlife AreaWildlife Area1Lassen
Woodbridge Ecological ReserveEcological Reserve3San Joaquin
Yolo Bypass Wildlife AreaWildlife Area3Yolo

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The CDFW Lands Viewer provides geospatial data about the CDFW's lands and facilities. The department manages over 1,100,000 acres of fish and wildlife habitat and these properties provide many opportunities for the public to hunt, fish, watch wildlife and learn about nature. Come visit and explore a wildlife area or ecological reserve near you!

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*The Department is evaluating the name of the property listed in Section 630(b)63, Title 14, California Code of Regulations(opens in new tab) for an update through the regulatory process.