Wild Trout Questionnaire


  • Wild trout: A trout that was born in the wild and lives its life cycle in the wild, regardless of the origin of its parents.
  • Native trout: A trout that was originally found in its California home waters prior to human influence. Examples include: California Golden Trout and Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout
  • Non-native trout: A trout that was introduced to California from other places outside the state. Examples include: Brown Trout, Brook Trout

A California native trout can be non-native when it is introduced to waters that were not part of its original native range. Example: Rainbow Trout introduced to waters east of the Sierra Nevada crest.



Public Input Opportunity

CDFW is currently evaluating public input and working with local staff to assess and revise proposed changes to trout angling regulations based on feedback received, management objectives, and social and economic concerns.

CDFW will present the final draft regulation changes at the following Fish and Game Commission (FGC) subcommittee meetings:

Wildlife Resources Committee
January 16, 2020
Los Angeles

Wildlife Resources Committee
March 2020
Date, time, and location to be determined

CDFW is scheduled to submit the final regulatory package to the FGC in June 2020.The FGC will consider the proposed regulations and take public input at its meetings in June, August, and October of 2020. Additional information will be placed on this page as it becomes available. Visit the link opens in new windowFGC website to follow meeting dates and agendas.