Scott and Shasta River Studies (Siskiyou County)

The Scott and Shasta Rivers are both identified by CDFW as high priority watersheds for coho salmon recovery. Threats to coho salmon, such as high water temperature and low water levels in the late summer and fall, may reduce available juvenile rearing habitat as well as make adult passage to spawning areas difficult or impossible.

The current effort is focused on working with stakeholders, landowners, other agencies, and non-governmental organizations to collect information, identify issues and concerns, and define future study needs on the Scott and Shasta Rivers. Consultant services were guided the process of developing comprehensive study plans using the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM) for both rivers. These study plans will identify what studies are needed to determine flow requirements for coho salmon recovery.

The first two phases (problem identification and study planning) of the IFIM process are complete. Multiple study plans were completed, and the IFP is currently in the process of obtaining funding for phase 3 (project implementation) for these projects.


Instream Flow Study Plan Development by Normandeau Associates

map of Scott River watershed
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Shasta River watershed map
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