Flow Criteria Map

The Instream Flow Criteria Map was created to enhance public access to flow criteria developed by the Instream Flow Program. This statewide interactive web map allows users to view instream flow studies by clicking on a watershed; a study synopsis and links to associated reports are then displayed. The reports linked on this map provide instream flow criteria intended to protect fish, wildlife, and their supporting habitats. These reports include Watershed-Wide Instream Flow Criteria, Instream Flow Evaluations, and Habitat Suitability Criteria reports. Additionally, the map includes streams with existing flow recommendations prepared by the Department in the 1980s-1990s (CDFG 2008(opens in new tab)), as well as flow criteria for California coastal streams (Hwan and Holmes 2020(opens in new tab)). Although there may be additional studies conducted by other groups with useful flow criteria, this map is limited to CDFW instream flow studies.

Based on the type of study conducted, several reports may be available per watershed. Additional watershed documents and information pertaining to the Instream Flow Program may be found at the Instream Flow Program Documents page.

This map can be viewed in full screen through ArcGIS using this link: Flow Criteria Map (ArcGIS)(opens in new tab)