CDFW Instream Flow Recommendations Map

The Instream Flow Recommendations Map was developed to enhance public access to information and deliver recommendations, reports, and data in a user-friendly and comprehensive way. This statewide interactive web map allows users to view Instream Flow Recommendations by clicking on a stream; detailed information about the stream, species, and life stages of concern is then displayed. The information box also has a link to the instream flow report. The instream flow recommendation summaries were prepared by CDFW and submitted to the State Water Resources Control Board. Citations are outlined below the flow summary of each waterway

Currently, instream flow recommendations are available for 22 streams, located in multiple counties throughout California. This interactive web map will be updated as new flow recommendations are developed.

To view Instream Flow Recommendations, click on a highlighted stream in the map above.

The Instream Flow Recommendations can also be viewed using the Biogeographic Information and Observation System Viewer (BIOS), enabling visualization of the flow recommendation data with other available basemaps and layers.

View Instream Flow Recommendations using BIOS