MPA Enforcement and Compliance

Enforcement and compliance of MPA regulations is fundamental to their success. As the primary agency responsible for enforcing MPA regulations, CDFW’s Law Enforcement Division collects violation information throughout the State. This information increases CDFW’s ability to differentiate MPA violations by region, identify repeat offenders, and monitor violation types to a higher resolution. In addition to CDFW enforcement, partner agencies, such as California State Parks, National Park Service, US Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, municipal harbor patrols, local police, sheriffs, lifeguards, and city resource officers may also assist in enforcement. Improvements in technology and community support may also help increase compliance. 

Marine Region (Region 7)
Regional Manager: Dr. Craig Shuman
Main Office: 20 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Suite 100, Monterey, CA  93940  |  (831) 649-2870
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