Invasive Species Action Week - Youth Art Contest - 2017 Winners

2017 Theme: Don’t Let it Loose!

The challenge was to pick an invasive species that might be released by pet/aquarium owners, how their release affects our natural resources, or what you could do with unwanted pets/plants instead of releasing them. Artwork was placed in 3 divisions: Grades 2 – 4; 5 – 8; and 9 – 12. The top three winners in each division are displayed below, in addition to a special Invasive Species Program Choice Award.

Invasive Species Program Choice Award

Noah Petersen's poster
ISP Choice Award
Noah Petersen, Fresno
Fort Washington Elementary School

Division: Grades 2 – 4

Jennifer Kang's poster

1st Place
Jennifer Kang, Mountain View
Springer Elementary School

CJ Andelman's poster

2nd Place
CJ Andelman, Santa Barbara

Lucia Wilkinson's poster

3rd Place
Lucia Wilkinson, Carmichael
Cowan Fundamental Elementary


Division: Grades 5 – 8

Aaliyah Zamorano's poster

1st Place
Aaliyah Zamorano, Roseville
Excelsior Elementary School

Jaya Wollenberger's poster

2nd Place
Jaya Wollenberger, Roseville
Excelsior Elementary School

Maria Ramirez's poster

3rd Place
Maria Ramirez, Santa Cruz
Mission Hill Middle School


Division: Grades 9 – 12

Esmé Kim Ison's poster

1st Place
Esmé Kim Ison, Santa Monica
Santa Monica High School

Summer Knight's poster

2nd Place
Summer Knight, Roseville
Woodcreek High School

Alexa Aitchison's poster

3rd Place
Alexa Aitchison, Chula Vista
Eastlake High School


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