Invasive Species Action Week - Youth Poster Contest - 2014 Winners

2014 Theme: Don’t Let it Loose!

The challenge was to create an original poster showing which invasive species threaten a favorite outdoor place and how we can take action to help protect it. Posters placed in 3 divisions: Grades 2 – 5; 6 – 8; and 9 – 12 . The top three winners in each division received an award and have their posters displayed below, in addition to a special Invasive Species Program Choice Award.

Invasive Species Program Choice Award

Jack's poster

ISP Choice Award
Jack Carr Ritchie
age 8, Half Moon Bay


Division: Grades 2 – 4

Kailan's poster

1st Place
Kailan Mao
age 10, Borrego Springs

Mario's poster

2nd Place
Mario Giannini
age 10, Chico

Ivy's poster

3rd Place
Ivy Sayre
age 9, Chico


Division: Grades 5 – 8

Charin's poster

1st Place
Charin Park
age 13, Saratoga

Rayni's poster

2nd Place
Rayni Kirkman
age 12, Whiskeytown

Clara's poster

3rd Place
Clara Shapiro
age 11, Chico


Division: Grades 9 – 12

Claire's poster

1st Place
Claire Kepple
age 18, Quincy

Trisha's poster

2nd Place
Trisha Tabbay
age 15, Los Angeles

Albert's poster

3rd Place
Albert Brumat
age 16, Los Angeles


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