Fish Academy

Science and Stewardship in Action

Good stewardship begins by teaching respect for our shared environment and for each other. Fish Academy helps our kids learn to build that respect by providing them the opportunity to experience the outdoors and learn life-skills, such as teamwork, patience, discipline, and self-confidence. This interactive program offers students an exciting day of discovery with hands-on learning about the local watershed, salmonids, and their habitat, and how individual actions can make a difference. For teachers, Fish Academy gives you another tool to share the great adventure of life science education.

This component of the Hatchery Education Program is offered as a companion activity to the classroom visits and culminates with on-site learning at the Warm Springs Fish Hatchery. See link opens in new windowTeaching Kids to Be Good Environmental Stewards (PDF).

This program is taught cooperatively by CDFW staff and volunteers. For more information, contact

kids in a group with there hands up

kids standing

kids standing