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2017 Spring Semester

We invite you and your students to attend
April 6, 2017

Contact Burch.Owens@wildlife.ca.gov or call (707) 576-2578 for details.

2016-2017 Classroom Activity Visit Application

Apply for a free, one-hour instruction session in our classroom. Our visit will include:

The Hatchery Education Program (HEP) provides you with:

  • Dynamic activities illustrate key concepts and encourage critical thinking
  • Subject matter aligned with learning standards specific to each grade level
  • Free curriculum materials to continue the journey

Share this exciting experience and partner with your fellow teachers!

  • We recommend that you apply for more than just your classroom – organize with your fellow teachers so that all of the students in a given grade level can experience this learning opportunity.
  • We can visit up to four classrooms in a day!
  • Submit one application for each date of visits. If the visits to all of your classrooms are best spread out over more than one day, submit multiple applications.

SPRING 2017 applications due by February 3, 2017

Notes and guidelines for applicants:

  • Submit one application for each date of visits. Space is provided for up to 3 classroom sessions per day. If you would like to spread your visits out over multiple days, submit a separate application for each day.
  • All activities are designed to accommodate one classroom at a time – maximum 32 students per activity session.
  • Creating a schedule for multiple activity sessions:
    • Each classroom should select a one hour time slot and enter it in the right-most column.
    • If you have selected “One communal room for all sessions,” the facilitators will arrive at the assigned room 10 minutes before the first activity session for setup. We will not require much time to reset the activity materials in between classes, so sessions may be scheduled back to back.
    • If you have selected “Reset activity in new room between sessions,” we will need a 5 minute setup time in each classroom before the activity begins. Therefore, please allow a minimum 10 minute gap between each session, and expect our arrival in the classroom 10 minutes before each allotted activity time. It is often most convenient to schedule activities directly after a recess or lunch break, so that we can set up in an empty classroom and not distract your students during class time.

Spring 2017 Classroom Activity Visit Program Application

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  • What date would you like to schedule your classroom visit(s)? February 2017 through May 2017 (please list one date and alternates in order of preference.)
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