HEP Classroom Visits

Science and Stewardship in Action

Program Overview

Get your students excited about science and the environment through experiential learning! HEP Classroom Visits is an interactive program that fosters responsible actions toward the environment and our natural resources. HEP is designed to engage students in the world of salmon and steelhead trout and CDFW strategies to manage these important fishery resources. This is accomplished in part by illustrating their fascinating life cycles and wide-ranging migration patterns between the Russian River and the Pacific Ocean.

To learn about this amazing journey, students are engaged in a dynamic interactive curriculum involving:

  • ecosystems
  • habitat restoration
  • natural resources
  • water quality
  • genetic diversity
  • and more!

Grade level-specific activities include visual aids, music, movement, and problem-solving to stimulate critical thinking. All activities are correlated to State Education Standards. (Curriculum and Correlations coming soon.)

Students and teachers will gain an awareness of the connections between their daily lives and the natural world, and a sense of personal responsibility for protecting the environment.

This program is taught cooperatively by CDFW staff and volunteers. For more information, contact Burch.Owens@wildlife.ca.gov.

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