Hatchery Education Program (HEP) – Bay Delta Region


HEP inspires appreciation for biodiversity focusing on fish and wildlife and their habitats.


HEP is an interdisciplinary program that teaches students about the natural history of the Russian River watershed, modern hatchery practice at the Warm Springs (Don Clausen) Hatchery, and habitat restoration efforts that are vital to the survival of anadromous fish. Students experience the life cycles of steelhead trout and coho salmon through an interactive classroom program that may culminate with a field trip to HEP Fish Academy at the Warm Springs Fish Hatchery. This is a hands-on, interactive sequential program for grades K-12.


  • Promote awareness of salmon and steelhead life cycles and the delicate balance needed for their migration and survival in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Foster appreciation for the contributions of hatchery programs as integral tools for helping to rebuild dwindling wild salmonid populations.
  • Engage in hands-on activities making science relevant to students’ lives.
  • Promote involvement and improve stewardship of our natural resources.