Photo Submissions

We encourage you to submit your California wildlife, plant, habitat, hunting, fishing, foraging and shooting sports photos. Thank you for your participation!

Please follow the below criteria when submitting photos:

  • Photos adhere to the CDFW Photo Terms and Conditions(opens in new tab).
  • Photos are high resolution and not pixelated or blurry.
  • Photo backgrounds are uncluttered.
  • Photos are not selfies or use photo filters.
  • Native flora and fauna are handled ethically and safely without causing harm and are species existing in and photographed in California.
  • For catch and release fish photos, fish photographed outside of water are to be supported with both hands (not using a “lip grip”) placed near belly and tail. (Note: Fish should be returned to the water as quickly as possible.)
  • All harvested game depicted in photos are tagged and represent proper limits for the individuals in the photo.
  • Harvested game animals are photographed in a natural setting, tongue-in, with blood and entry/exit wounds well camouflaged or concealed.
  • Photos do not depict persons leaning or propping up firearms, archery equipment, hunting gear and people against game animals.
  • Hunting photos that incorporate firearms within the photo exemplify firearm safety. Though firearm safety may be practiced, photography angles that make the conditions appear unsafe will render the photo unusable.

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  •  Before uploading photos, please read CDFW’s Photo Terms and Conditions.

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    • By providing an electronic signature and checking "Certify," you agree to CDFW's Photo Usage Terms and Conditions.