Spill Management Teams

OSPR's Spill Management Team rulemaking process is delayed due to public health precautions surrounding COVID-19. Please see the link opens in new tab or windowOSPR Spill Management Teams COVID-19 Update (PDF) regarding potential impacts to the rulemaking process and the regulated community.

Spill Management Teams (SMT) play an integral part in OSPR's planned response to any oil spill incident. OSPR is in the process of promulgating regulations governing SMTs, as required by link opens in new windowCalifornia AB 1197 (Limón, stats. 2017, ch. 584). In accordance with Government Code section 11346.45, OSPR is conducting a series of informal scoping meetings to solicit input from interested parties and/or those who may be subject to the new regulations. By holding informal meetings prior to the initiation of the formal rule making phase, OSPR aims to craft a robust regulatory package that will fulfill OSPR's statutory obligation to ensure the qualifications of SMTs operating in California, while taking into account the dynamic and wide-ranging operations of the regulated community.

SMT Scoping Sessions

September 2019 Meetings

May 2019 Meetings

October 2018 Meetings

February 2018 Meetings

Get in Touch

Email OSPRSMT@wildlife.ca.gov to submit comments and suggested language, or to be added to the distribution list to receive updates on draft regulations and upcoming meetings.

Contact Information

Rachel Fabian
Email: Rachel.Fabian@wildlife.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 375-4321

Yvonne Addassi
Email: Yvonne.Addassi@wildlife.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 375-4013

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