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New Sea Squirts Arrived in San Francisco

3 new tunicates to San Francisco Bay

According to SERC’s link opens in new windowMarine Invasions Lab, three new non-native sea squirts traveled over 500 kilometers north of their previously recorded range. Marine biologists discovered three new non-native species (Microcosmus squamiger, Styela canopus and Molgula ficus), in San Francisco Bay, that where previously established in Southern California estuaries. The lab suspects these sea squirts (a.k.a. ascidians or tunicates) hitched a ride on boats that were traveling up the coast of California. A multiyear marine heat wave called “The Blob” might have given them the perfect conditions to establish in their new home. Going forward, we will watch closely to see how these species fare and what (if any) havoc they wreak. Read more about the link opens in new windownew invaders in an article in BioInvasions Records (PDF).

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