Restoration Monitoring Reports


Santa Clara River

Aramburu Island

Education and Enhancement at Don Edwards SF Bay NWR


Seabird Protection Network

Nest Protection at Kokechik Flats, Alaska

Grebe Colony Protection

Sooty Shearwater Restoration in New Zealand

Pelican Roost Site Atlases

Pelican Disturbance Reduction in Humboldt Bay

Sandpiper Pier (Bird Island), Santa Barbara

Marbled Murrelet Habitat Protection in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Gazos Mountain Camp)

Corvid Management in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Marbled Murrelet Habitat Protection in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Girl Scout Creek)

Marbled Murrelet Habitat Protection on the North Coast (Miracle Mile)

Corvid Management in Redwood National and State Parks

Anacapa Island Rat Eradication Project

Haida Gwaii Rat Eradication Project

Cassin’s Auklet Boardwalk, Farallon Islands

Common Murre Restoration at Devil's Slide Rock

Common Murre Nesting Ledge at Farallon Islands

Corvid Management at Point Reyes

Common Murre Restoration on the North Coast

Año Nuevo Island Rhinoceros Auklet Restoration

Snowy Plover Dune Enhancement, Little River State Beach

Snowy Plover Dune Enhancement, South Spit Humboldt Bay

Snowy Plover Restoration, Los Angeles County

Least Tern Restoration, Los Angeles County


Pacific Herring, San Francisco Bay

Recreational Uses

Palmer's Point Enhancement

Cosco Busan Recreation Projects, San Francisco Bay Region

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