Pipeline P00547

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  • LOCATION: Initial release occurred approximately 4.5 miles offshore of Huntington Beach, Orange County, California.
  • DATE REPORTED: October 2, 2021
  • INCIDENT SUMMARY: An underwater pipeline running from Platform Elly to Long Beach spilled a minimum of approximately 24,696 gallons of crude oil into San Pedro Bay. Product initially floated to the surface forming surface slicks and strands that extended from the source mainly south and southeast along prevailing ocean currents. Southern California beaches from at least Surfside Beach to the U.S./Mexico Border, including coastal marshes and lagoons, were either freshly oiled or received varying levels of tarballs in the weeks following the spill.
  • RESPONSIBLE PARTY: Amplify Energy Corporation
  • NATURAL RESOURCE TRUSTEES: California Department of Fish and Wildlife; California Department of Parks and Recreation; California State Lands Commission; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and the Department of the Interior through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.
  • RESOURCES POTENTIALLY IMPACTED: Birds, marine mammals, fish, as well as water column, marsh, sandy beach, subtidal, and rocky intertidal habitats, and human uses.


Public Meetings

Virtual Public Meetings, January 25, 2023

Call for Restoration Projects

The Pipeline P00547 Natural Resource Trustees are currently assessing the ecological injuries and human use losses caused by the spill. Through the assessment process, the trustees will quantify the injuries to wildlife, habitat, and lost use of those resources, and develop a restoration plan for public comment. A claim for funds from the responsible party will be made in order to implement selected restoration projects.

The trustees are inviting the public to submit restoration concepts or project proposals that aim to protect, restore, and enhance the resources potentially impacted by the spill. These project submissions will be evaluated during the preparation of a draft Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan (DARP) as the case assessment and restoration planning progresses. The draft DARP will eventually be released for public comment. The Trustees request interested entities to submit restoration project concepts or project proposals at fw8cfwocomments@fws.gov.

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