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Nearshore Fishery Trap Endorsement Transfer Provisions

Effective April 1, 2003, pursuant to Section 150.03(g), Title 14, of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), a Nearshore Fishery Trap Endorsement (NFTE) may be transferred to another commercial fisherman if the transferee possesses a valid transferable NFP for that regional management area, subject to the conditions listed below.

General Provisions

  • A transferable NFTE may be transferred from one person to another.
  • Nontransferable NFTE's cannot be transferred to another person and shall become null and void upon the death of the permit holder. (Section 150.03(e)(5), Title 14, CCR).
  • There are no regional capacity goals for NFTEs, only one transferable NFTE is required for transfer at all times.

Nearshore Fishery Trap Endorsement Transfer Requirements

  • The NFTE must be valid at the time of application for transfer.
  • The transferee must have a valid California commercial fishing license, a valid transferable Nearshore Fishery Permit for the same regional management area, and a valid General Trap Permit.
  • The transferee must never have never been convicted of a violation of any provision of the nearshore fishery regulations or of the Fish and Game Code pertaining to the commercial take of nearshore fish stocks.

Required Documentation

  • A notarized written request from the current permittee that includes:
    • The name of the transferee and current permittee.
    • The regional management area of the NFTE.
    • A statement that the current permittee is selling their endorsement to the transferee and the permittee relinquishes all rights to fish for nearshore species with trap gear.
    • The current permittee’s signature.
  • A notarized written request fro the transferee that includes:
    • The name of the current permittee and transferee.
    • The regional management area of the NFTE.
    • The transferee’s signature.
  • The original current NFTE.
  • Copy of the transfereee’s Nearshore Fishery Permit.
  • Copy of the transferee’s General Trap Permit.
  • Nonrefundable transfer fee of $75.

Death of the Permittee

  • A transferable NFTE may be transferred to the estate of any permittee who has died only for the purpose of transferring the NFTE to another person. A request for transfer must be submitted within one year of the date of death of the permit holder as listed on the death certificate.
  • A NFTE in the estate of a deceased permittee may be transferred to an immediate family member (spouse, child, grandchild, parent, or sibling) or to a partner as described in Fish and Game Code (FGC), Section 8102.

Additional Required Documentation needed upon the Death of the Permittee

  • A notarized written request that identifies the deceased permit holder, type of permit to be transferred and the proposed transferee.
  • Copy of the death certificate.
  • A court document naming the executrix of the estate.

FGC Section 8102, allows for the transfer of a limited entry commercial fishing permit, provided a working partner is a spouse, child, or sibling of the permittee. A working partner is also defined as a person who can prove an investment or equity in the vessel or gear used in the fishery who would otherwise have been eligible for a permit but did not obtain one because he or she was working with or was a partner with the permittee. The working partner shall provide substantial evidence of an actual physical working participation aboard the vessel supported by copies of trip settlement sheets and of logbooks.

Mail documents and transfer fee to:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
License and Revenue Branch
1740 N. Market Blvd.
Sacramento, California 95834

Evaluation of the transfer request Evaluation of the transfer request will take approximately 20 business days after receipt by the License and Revenue Branch provided additional documentation is not required. If approved, a letter authorizing the transfer will be sent to the permit holder and transferee with instructions on the process for completing the transfer.

Appeal Provisions and Deadlines

If disapproved, CDFW will notify the permittee in writing, explaining the reason for denial. Pursuant to Section 150.03(h)(3), any applicant who is denied transfer of a NFTE may appeal to the Fish and Game Commission within 60 days of the date of CDFW’s denial.

Please contact Ms. Debbie Noriega, Commercial Fishing License Analyst, at the License and Revenue Branch, (916) 928-5817 or, if you have any further questions or require additional assistance.

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