Commercial Fish Business Licenses Descriptions

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Valid January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021

Fees include a nonrefundable three percent (3%) application fee, not to exceed $7.50 per item.
(Section 700.4, Title 14, California Code of Regulations)

Annual Commercial Fish Business Licenses

Title Fee Description
Multifunction Fish Business License
$2,157.25 Any person to conduct the activities of a fish receiver, fish processor, fish wholesaler, and fish importer. If the licensee is also a commercial fisherman this license also authorizes a person to conduct the activities of a fisherman retailer.
Fish Importer's License $867.50 Any person who, for the purpose of resale to persons other than ultimate consumers, receives or purchases fish taken outside of this state which are not landed in this state by a licensed commercial fisherman must obtain a Fish Importer's License. Any person who purchases or receives fish that are taken outside of this state and brought into this state by a person who is not a licensed commercial fisherman, consumer, shall obtain a fish importer's license.
Fish Receiver's License $867.50 Any person who purchases or receives fish for commercial purposes from a commercial fisherman not licensed as a fish receiver must obtain a Fish Receiver's License.
Fisherman's Retail License $110.98 A commercial fisherman is required to have this license only if he/she sells all or a portion of his/her catch to ultimate consumers.
Fish Wholesaler's License $588.25 Any person who, for the purpose of resale to persons other than the ultimate consumer, purchases or obtains fish from a person licensed to engage in the activities of a fish receiver, fish processor, fish importer or fish wholesaler, is required to obtain a Fish Wholesaler's License.
Fish Processor's License $867.50 Any person who processes fish for profit and who sells to other than the ultimate consumer must obtain a Fish Processor's License.
Sport-Caught Fish Exchange Permit $80.60 Any person who, exchanges fresh fish taken under the authority of a sport fishing license for filleted, smoked or canned fish.
Importation Permit (Standard) $55.50 Any person receiving a shipment of live fish, including shellfish must apply for a Standard Importation Permit at least 10 working days prior to the arrival of the shipment. Importation Permit (Standard).
Importation Permit (Long Term) $66.50 A Long Term Importation Permit may be issued for each species or plant specified in Section 236, Title 14, of the California Code of Regulations. Permits may be valid for up to one year from the date of issuance and a fee will be charged for each permit. For additional information please call the CDFW’s Eureka office at (707) 445-6493 (marine species) or Fisheries Branch at (916) 445-0826 (freshwater species). Importation Permit (Long Term).
Anchovy Reduction Permit $48.41 Required for fish processors to process anchovies for reduction purposes.
Sturgeon Egg Processing Permit $290.00 Required to process sturgeon eggs for canning, curing, preserving, packing or otherwise processing, or dealing at wholesale, in the eggs of sturgeon for human consumption.
Kelp Harvesting License $161.45 Required for each person or company harvesting kelp or other aquatic plants.
Marine Aquaria Receiver's Permit $2,157.25 Any person engaged in the business of receiving live marine species native to California waters for the purpose of wholesaling or retailing these species for pet industry or hobby purposes must obtain a Marine Aquaria Receiver's License.