Slinkard/Little Antelope Wildlife Area

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Slinkard/Little Antelope Wildlife Area consists of approximately 11,700 acres of gently sloping valleys to deep canyons and rocky slopes. The area includes many streams, springs, meadows, and pine and aspen woodland occur on the property. This area was obtained to preserve key deer winter range habitat. Bobcat and coyote are also found here.

For more information, call the Inland Deserts Region Bishop office at (760) 872-1171.

Recreational Opportunities

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Activities: fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing


Type C: Slinkard/Little Antelope Wildlife Area does not require the purchase of a hunting pass for entry. Entry permits and/or passes or special drawing may be required for hunting on some Type C wildlife areas.

NOTE: Visitors are responsible for knowing and complying with all regulations pertaining to the use of Department lands.

Refer to the Public Uses on State and Federal Lands section of the Waterfowl, Upland Game, and Public Use Regulations (PDF) booklet for both statewide and property-specific regulations.

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Area History

The early settlers brought cattle to Antelope Valley in 1859 and were soon followed by many large herds of cattle and sheep to supply the demand created by the booming gold mining industry. Many of these pioneering homesteaders established themselves and remained landholders until the 1930s after which time the rate of land exchanges accelerated.

A wealthy oilman purchased much of the land in 1953 and operated it as part of his larger cattle ranch. Most of the present building, fencing, and irrigating improvements were constructed during his ownership which ended in 1969. From then until State acquisition, two major land investment corporations owned the properties.

Overgrazing and poor water management practices resulted in soil erosion and the deterioration of wildlife habitat. Property was acquired by the Department beginning in 1978, and was designated as a wildlife area by the Fish and Game Commission in 1979.

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Inland Deserts Region (Region 6)

Mono County

south of Topaz Lake, west of Hwy 395 on Hwy 89

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