Knoxville Wildlife Area

stream gorge at Knoxville Wildlife Area


Knoxville Wildlife Area is approximately 21,500 acres and is part of the 300,000 acre Blue Ridge / Berryessa Natural Area in Napa, Lake, Colusa, and Yolo Counties. The terrain is rugged in Knoxville, with elevations ranging from 1,000 feet to 2,200 feet. It is one of the few sites in California that protects unusual serpentine habitats. Serpentine soils are high in toxic metals, and low in plant nutrients, so the assemblages of plants that can tolerate them are unusual. This habitat supports a wide array of songbirds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. Some species possibly seen include black bears, bobcats, belted kingfishers, American dippers, mergansers, golden eagles, and native fish species such as the California roach and the Sacramento pikeminnow.

In July 2018, the County Fire burned approximately 6,000 acres of the wildlife area, primarily on the eastern portion, east of Knoxville-Berryessa Road.

The burned area is recovering with vegetation growth.

For more information, call the area at (707) 944-5531 or the Bay Delta Region's Fairfield office at (707) 428-2002.

Recreational Opportunities

wildlife viewing deer hunting turkey hunting quail hunting bear hunting

Activities: wildlife viewing, birdwatching, hiking, wildflower observation, and hunting

The best time to visit is from October through May when temperatures are comfortable and scenery is most inviting.

Hunting: Common game species include deer, wild turkey, quail, rabbit, gray squirrel, dove, pigeon, and bear.

Type C: Knoxville Wildlife Area does not require the purchase of a hunting pass for entry. Entry permits and/or passes or special drawing may be required for hunting on some Type C wildlife areas.

Facilities: None

The area is patrolled by CDFW Wardens. In case of emergency, call 911.

For more information from the Bureau of Land Management, contact them at:
2550 North State Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 468-4000

NOTE: Visitors are responsible for knowing and complying with all regulations pertaining to the use of Department lands.

Refer to the Public Uses on State and Federal Lands section of the Waterfowl, Upland Game, and Public Use Regulations (PDF) booklet for both statewide and property-specific regulations.

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You may not operate a drone on CDFW Lands without a Special Use Permit.

Area History

The property was acquired to protect the area’s rich wildlife habitat as well as to provide the public with expanded hunting, hiking, and watchable wildlife opportunities. In 1988, three separate parcels totaling 93 acres were donated to the Department. The property was designated as a wildlife area by the Fish and Game Commission in 1992. In 2000, The Homestake Mining Company sold the Knoxville Ranch to the Department, which provided an additional 8,000 acres.

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Bay Delta Region (Region 3)

Napa and Yolo counties

north of Lake Berryessa

Access: Accessed from the north in Napa County via Highway 29 to Lower Lake to Morgan Valley Road past the old Homestake Mine site where it becomes the Berryessa-Knoxville Road in Napa County (approximately 17 miles). Also accessed on the southern side via Highway 128, east (Napa County) through Rutherford to Berryessa-Knoxville Road (approximately 23 miles) or Highway 128 west through Winters (approximately 29 miles).

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