Coon Hollow Wildlife Area


Coon Hollow Wildlife Area, totaling 731 acres, contains wet meadow and riparian vegetation, timbered uplands, and mountain streams. It is at an elevation of 6,000 feet and consists of three units: the West Branch Unit (320 acres), the Snow Mountain Unit (169 acres), and the Snag Lake Unit (240 acres). The West Branch Unit includes a portion of the West Branch of the Feather River and its confluence with Coon Hollow Creek. The Snag Lake Unit contains meadow and upland habitat near Snag Lake.

Species which can be viewed at Coon Hollow include birds of prey such as sharp-shinned hawk, northern goshawk, and long-eared owl; mammals such as Townsend's big-eared bat, and showshoe hare; and herpetiles such as California newt and mountain king snake.

For more information, call the North Central Region Rancho Cordova office at (916) 358-2900.

Recreational Opportunities

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Activities: fishing, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, nature study, hiking, and hunting

Hunting: Deer, bear, tree squirrel, quail, and grouse may be present.

Type C: Coon Hollow Wildlife Area does not require the purchase of a hunting pass for entry. Entry permits and/or passes or special drawing may be required for hunting on some Type C wildlife areas.

Facilities: None

NOTE: Visitors are responsible for knowing and complying with all regulations pertaining to the use of Department lands.

Refer to the Public Uses on State and Federal Lands section of the Waterfowl, Upland Game, and Public Use Regulations (PDF) booklet for both statewide and property-specific regulations.

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You may not operate a drone on CDFW Lands without a Special Use Permit.

Area History

Maidu nation tribes once used the area; it is believed mainly for summer hunting. From the late 1800s until State acquisition, summer livestock grazing was the primary land use. Grazing intensities were long and heavy. Riparian vegetation was impacted to the point of die off and no regeneration.

In 1980, the Wildlife Conservation Board acquired property from the Colman family to protect wet meadow and riparian habitat, and the area was designated as a wildlife area by the Fish and Game Commission. Additional acres were added to the area in 1981 and 1985.

A four year no grazing period after State acquisition resulted in excellent aspen regeneration. In the 1990s, fencing was installed at the Snag Lake Unit to exclude cattle from the Humbug Creek riparian corridor, and four large brush piles were created for bird and small mammal use.

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North Central Region (Region 2)

Butte County

northern part of Butte County, northeast of Paradise, southeast of Butte Meadows

Access: From Chico, take Highway 32 east to Skyway Road; turn north onto Humbug Summit Road; pass Philbrook Reservoir and continue north to the Wildlife Area. Both the West Branch and Snag Lake Units can be reached from Humbug Summit Road; to reach the Snow Mountain Unit, turn east onto Coon Hollow Creek Road through the West Branch Unit.

Unit Maps: Snag Lake Unit (PDF) | Snow Mountain & West Branch Units (PDF)

Topographic Maps: Area Map (PDF) | Snag Lake Unit (PDF) | Snow Mountain Unit (PDF) | West Branch Unit (PDF)

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