Big Game Grant Application Template

(Maximum Pages: 5)

  • Grant Name / Project Title: (from Request for Proposal)
  • Applicant Contact Information: (Organization, name, phone, email, etc)
  • Issue / Problem Statement:
  • Project Description: (see Evaluation Criteria provided with Request for Proposal; if a Habitat / Public Opportunity based grant remember to provide acres created, enhanced, or opened for public access and maps, if requested)
  • Expected Benefits: (see Evaluation Criteria provided with Request for Proposal)
  • Itemized Budget: (include separate line items for the following budget categories - Personnel (including benefits); Operating Expense (per unit cost needed for materials); and Grant Administration (include overhead rate here).

You may modify this form as needed but please use the categories and numbers provided above. Keep your submittal to a maximum of 5 pages in length. If you have any other questions please contact the grant administrator as identified on the Request for Proposal.