Big Game Management Account (BGMA)

The California Legislature established the Big Game Management Account in 2010 (Fish and Game Code Section 3953) to ensure that funds generated through the purchase of pronghorn, elk, mule deer, wild pig, black bear, and bighorn sheep tags are used for acquiring land, completing projects, implementing programs to benefit these species, expanding public hunting opportunities, and related public outreach, and supporting administrative and enforcement costs.

Big Game Management Advisory Committee

Fish and Game Code Section 3953 also mandates a public advisory committee, as determined by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, that includes "interested non-profit organizations that have goals and objectives related to the management and conservation of big game species" and primarily represent the interests of persons licensed to hunt in California (Fish and Game Code Section 3031). The committee serves in an advisory capacity to review and provide comments to the Department of Fish and Wildlife on all proposed projects funded through the Big Game Management Account.

Big Game Grant Program

Through the Big Game Grant Program, the Department of Fish and Wildlife may make grants to, reimburse, or enter into contracts with non-profit organizations for the use of Big Game Management Account funds to carry out the purposes of the fund as described above. The Department may solicit proposals as needed based on previously identified needs that directly support the goals and objectives of each big game program through a Proposal Solicitation Notice (PSN). The PSN includes instructions on submitting proposals for Big Game Management Account funds and scoring procedures for proposal submissions.