Office of the General Counsel

CDFW's General Counsel advises and reports to the Director on legal matters; conducts legal actions and directs the State Attorney General in representing the Department; and provides in-house legal services to CDFW divisions and regions.

During regular business hours at the address on this website, CDFW’s Office of General Counsel is authorized to accept personal service of process on behalf of the Department, Director, Chief Deputy Director, Wildlife Conservation Board, and Wildlife Conservation Board’s Executive Director. Alternatively, CDFW’s Office of General Counsel will accept service on behalf of these individuals and entities at, or you may leave a message at the Office of General Counsel’s main number (916) 654-3821 and an attorney will respond to arrange for service. CDFW’s Office of General Counsel will not accept deposition subpoenas or subpoenas for personal appearance, on behalf of any other CDFW or Wildlife Conservation Board employee. Each employee must be served personally at their designated office location.

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