Office of the General Counsel

CDFW's General Counsel advises and reports to the Director on legal matters; conducts legal actions and directs the State Attorney General in representing the Department; and provides in-house legal services to CDFW divisions and regions.

Frequently Requested Resources

  • Public Records Act Requests
  • Regulations implementing the California Endangered Species Act are found in Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations as follows:
    • Article 1. Take Prohibition; Permits for incidental take of Endangered Species, Threatened Species and Candidate Species (§§ 783.0-783.8)
    • Article 2. Take Incidental to Routine and Ongoing Agricultural Activities (§§ 786.0-786.8)
  • Information on the California Environmental Quality Act
    • CEQA Web Page - New inter-active roadmap to help the public through this complex act.
  • Persons bringing legally taken fish or game into California needs to complete a declaration of entry form.
  • Information on obtaining an agreement to substantially divert or obstruct; change the bed, channel, or bank; or use material from a river, stream, or lake

CDFW Office of the General Counsel
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1341
Sacramento, CA 95814

For information about the Office of the General Counsel, please contact:
    Julian Garica
    (916) 651-7643
    FAX (916) 654-3805