Species Raised at Mount Shasta

Eagle Lake Trout

Known for its resistance to highly alkaline waters, the Eagle Lake trout is a native to nearby Eagle Lake and its Pine Creek tributary. Due to diminishing flows into Pine Creek, a program was started in the 1950's to preserve the species. Once found only in its native waters, the Eagle Lake trout can now be found in many waters throughout the state. Egg production for Eagle Lake Trout reaches approximately 5 million triploid (PDF) eggs.

Brown Trout

Brown trout, also known as German brown trout, are native to Eastern Europe, but were historically planted into many California waters for recreational fishing. A favorite of many anglers, the brown continues to be stocked in select waters despites its non-native heritage. Approximately 3 million triploid (PDF) eggs are produced every year at Mount Shasta.

Eastern Brook Trout

Originating from the Eastern United States, brook trout were imported to California via railroad in the late 1800’s. Despite their common name, the brook trout is actually a char. Brook trout are received from Crystal Lake Hatchery as eggs and catchable-size fish for stocking local waters. These triploid (PDF) brook trout are planted via air and truck into various northern California waters.

Rainbow Trout

This popular fish, native to the tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in North American and Asia, can now be found all over the world. Farmed as food in many areas, it can now be found worldwide for recreational angling and as a food source. Rainbow trout are a premier fish desired by anglers for recreational fishing in California. Mount Shasta Hatchery currently raises 2 different strains of rainbow trout: Shasta and Coleman. Average egg take for the 2 rainbow trout strains is around 26 million eggs per year.Those provided for recreational angling are now sterile (triploid (PDF)).

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