Fishing Instructions

"How To" Video Series

Looking for expert advice on a variety of fishing topics? You've come to the right place. Ask the DonFather, is our on-going video series that features our staff fishing expert, Don Paganelli. Additionally, be sure to watch fishing videos from another staff fishing expert, Mike Brune. Mike & Don are both a life long anglers, who have been fishing locally, and beyond, their whole lives! They are happy to provide expert guidance as well as answer any fishing questions you may have. 

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WaterSense Video Series

Our WaterSense series explores water quality of local urban ponds. These ponds are regularly stocked with fish. That means the water quality is important not only for the stocked fish, but also for people catching fish from these ponds for sustenance. Also, Fishing in the City (FIC) staff will regularly assess water quality of the ponds we stock to track water quality over time.

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How To Video Series

  • Skin and Clean Catfish-Donfather

    The Donfather, Don Paganelli, provides the basics to get your freshly caught catfish skinned, cleaned, and ready for cooking
  • How To Catfish Rig for Bottom Fishing- DonFather

    Want to know how to rig (setup) your pole to catch Catfish? The DonFather has the answer. This quick video provides a step by step guide to rig your pole for bottom fishing. Catfish are hanging out and searching for food on the bottom of ponds. Fishing in the City (FIC) typically stocks catfish in local urban ponds between May-September.
  • How To Artificial Lures & Trout- Donfather

    Ever wonder how to pick the right lure, jig, or spoon. What's the difference? When should I use one or the other? The DonFather has the answers. In this video you'll see what each one is for and when would be a good time to use it. There is a lot to cover, so if you would like a deeper dive on artificial lures, let us know.
  • How to Clean a Trout

    It's been a great day fishing and a great catch. You've caught your trout limit and your bringing your fish home. Now what? Mike, another staff fishing expert, breaks down a couple different ways you can clean your catch to prepare it for cooking.

Water Sense Videos

  • Granite Park Pond-Watersense Series

    Summer, a former Scientific Aid, will use a LaMotte water quality chemistry kit to check the water quality of Granite Regional Park Pond. She'll determine if the water temperature, Carbon Dioxide, and pH are at levels healthy for the fish we stock.