Awarded Month Application # Applicant Organization Awarded Amount Project Title Project Description Project Category County Funding source
August 2023 1730399 Friends of the Santa Clara River $2,114,360 Sisar Creek Bridge Construction Project Southern steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) was listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act in 1997. The National Marine Fisheries Service's 2012 recovery plan outlines recovery actions necessary for delisting and has listed the watershed as a Core 1 population due to its critical role in the recovery of the species. The Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition prioritized this fish passage barrier for removal & remediation. The project restores passage. Implementation Ventura Drought
August 2023 1730163 Creek Lands Conservation $388,660 Arroyo Grande Stream Gage Fish Passage Improvement The Arroyo Grande Creek (AG Creek) stream gage impedes fish passage and reduces habitat connectivity for steelhead and rainbow trout. This project will partly demolish and rebuild the stream gage to have better fish passage characteristics and will restore reliable fish passage to 3.3 miles of critical steelhead habitat. The project will accommodate both adult and juvenile life stages at varying flow levels by lowering jump height and reducing flow velocity. Implementation San Luis Obispo NBS - Corridors
August 2023 1730414 River Partners $1,033,267 Upper Butte Basin Habitat Restoration Project The project will create 15 acres of native grassland to benefit breeding waterfowl and other riparian dependent wildlife. An additional 55 acres of remnant riparian forest will be enhanced through the removal of invasive plant species including Himalayan blackberry, tree-of-heaven, perennial pepperweed, broom, and others. Following 3-years of weed control, the enhancement area will be planted with native herbaceous species to reduce future infestation by exotic plants. Implementation Butte Drought
August 2023 1729960  Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency $2,015,000 Folsom Dam Temperature Control Shutters Planning Project This project would plan for the replacement of the existing Folsom Dam Temperature Control Shutters (TCS) with automated shutters that would reduce leakage, better control withdrawal depth, and be more easily operated to manage the temperature of discharges into the Lower American River for optimal habitat for Central Valley Steelhead and Central Valley fall/late fall run Chinook Salmon. Modeling indicates that average fall monthly temperatures may be reduced by 1.7 to 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Planning Sacramento Proposition 1
August 2023 1730766 The Nature Conservancy $594,362 Las Piletas Ranch Habitat and Resiliency Improvement Project This project will improve water availability, limit barriers to movement and increase access to forage, which will enhance habitat conditions for sensitive species in the greater Carrizo Plain area, notably Pronghorn Antelope and Tule Elk. The Ranch provides linkage to the Carrizo Plain Natl Monument, San Andreas corridor and an CDFW's NCER adjacent to the property. Improving access to water, forage and reducing barriers provides benefit to these species in a region of ecological importance. Implementation San Luis Obispo NBS - Corridors
August 2023 1730757 Trout Unlimited, Inc. $337,685 Little Sur River Fish Passage Dam Removal Alternative Design Project - Pico Blanco Dam This project will conduct a Plan/Design Alternative Analysis which identifies/selects a preferred alternative and then develops the 100% design package to remove the Pico Blanco Dam which spans Little Sur River (barrier) and will also evaluate an existing concrete ford upstream of the dam and develop concepts for replacement. Project designs will improve conditions for federally threatened South Central Coast steelhead trout on the Little Sur River, Monterey Co. Planning Monterey NBS - Corridors
August 2023 1730375 South Yuba River Citizens League $2,491,889 Van Norden Meadow Restoration Project: Phase 2 - Lytton Fan Restoration The Van Norden Meadow Restoration Project: Phase 2 - Lytton Fan Restoration will restore the Lytton Fan within the larger, 485 -acre, Van Norden Meadow Restoration Project at the headwaters of the South Yuba River. This portion of the project focuses on reconnecting the existing incised stream channel of Lytton Creek with the Lytton Fan which will activate a significant part of the floodplain in Van Norden Meadow, to provide hydrologic and ecological benefits to a dry section of the meadow. Implementation Placer NBS - Wetlands/Meadows
August 2023 1729438 Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District $184,220 Meamber Fish Screen The Meamber Fish Screen Project is a planning and implementation project to replace an existing fish screen on the Shasta River. It does not meet current fish screen criteria for bypass flows and screen shape and size. It is a steel tube screen tethered by a chain and a removable pipe to an intake box. It needs to be replaced by a fully functional stationary and permanent installation. 
We propose to design and install a new screen, using an off the shelf product.
Implementation Siskiyou Drought
March 2023 1728178 Earth Island Institute $2,194,802 Maria Ygnacio Creek Fish Passage Project Implementation - Patterson Ave Bridge Objective 1 - Obtain all necessary permits. Objective 2 - Implementation of the fish passage designs of the creek channel at the Patterson Ave. bridge barrier on Maria Ygnacio Creek to allow for fish Passage. Objective 3 - Stabilize and restore creek banks adjacent to the bridge revetments with native riparian vegetation and other BMPs. Implementation Santa Barbara Drought
March 2023 1729271 Scott River Watershed Council $456,331 Scott River Fisheries Monitoring Program Quartz Valley Indian Reservation and the Scott River Watershed Council will work closely with CDFW Region 1 Fisheries staff, NOAA and other collaborators, to provide effectiveness monitoring on the impact of water management and restoration actions performed to address the Scott Watershed drought conditions by monitoring two critical life stages, juvenile distribution throughout the basin, and the return and spatial distribution of spawning adults, of Chinook and Coho Salmon. Monitoring Siskiyou Climate
March 2023 Q2140409 Resource Conservation District of Monterey County $50,000 Weston-Champagne Cachagua Creek Fish Passage Project This project will remedy a barrier to steelhead migration on Cachagua Creek. The site is a concrete ford, identified as the #2 Priority fish passage barrier in the Carmel River system. The project will remove existing concrete ford and replace it with a single span bridge in the same crossing alignment, designed to improve upstream migration conditions for steelhead. A fishway chute will be installed with the replacement. The project will also improve flood conveyance and provide safe vehicle access across Cachagua Creek to several private properties and the Boronda Creek Watershed. Implementation Monterey NBS-Wildlife Corridors
March 2023 1729333 Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency $2,122,000 Oroville Wildlife Area Robinson's Riffle Restoration Project The Oroville Wildlife Area (OWA) Robinson's Riffle Restoration Project is a nature based multi-benefit initiative within the OWA along the Feather River. The OWA was significantly damaged and altered by gold mining and dredging operations as well as borrow pit operations for the construction of the Oroville Dam. The proposed project will remove elevated berms and tailing piles to restore habitat, reduce flood stages, and increase flood conveyance and transitory storage within the Feather River. Planning Butte Climate
March 2023 1727913 Yurok Tribe $3,990,587 Oregon Gulch Project FRGP 2022 Removing mine tailings increases aquatic and riparian ecosystem connectivity by increasing the frequency and extent of floodplain inundation that boosts primary production and allocthonous inputs and increases availability of high-flow refugia for salmonids (specifically SONCC coho salmon). Overbank flows, combined with greater hydrologic connectivity between aquatic and riparian zones, support riparian vegetation and riverine forests to supply large wood to the river. Implementation Trinity Drought
March 2023 1729336 Regents of the University of California, Davis $1,184,380 An Assessment of Headwater Restoration on Instream Habitat and Hydrologic Conditions to support Drought Resiliency for Native Coldwater Fish The project addresses a need for increased understanding of the efficacy of nature-based solutions to increase drought resilience for native fishes. Objectives include (1) characterizing hydrologic and thermal response of BDA restoration, (2) quantifying BDA habitat conditions for native fish, and (3) assessing habitat productivity and fish benefits associated with BDA habitat. Outcomes will address critical knowledge gaps associated with BDA impacts and potential benefits during drought. Monitoring Siskiyou, Tehama NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
March 2023 1729321 Trout Unlimited, Inc. $3,602,957 Arroyo Seco River Fish Passage Project - Clark Colony Water Company This project will implement (construct) a project designed thru a FRGP PD contract Q1940406.  Construction will modify an existing concrete grade control sill which spans the Arroyo Seco (barrier) and reconstruct associated pre-1914 diversion structure and screen on private property (Clark Colony). Completed project will eliminate a priority migration barrier and improve conditions for federally threatened South Central Coast steelhead trout on the Arroyo Seco River in Monterey County. Implementation Monterey NBS-Wildlife Corridors
March 2023 Q1930401 Marin RCD $180,350 Lower Walker Creek Floodplain Habitat Assessment and Design Project The information on existing conditions will be compiled and site-specific opportunities for improving in-channel and off-channel habitat will be developed. A reach-based Habitat Enhancement Plan will be prepared, including design concept alternatives for up to four sites. Opportunities and constraints to increasing floodplain connectivity will be described through narrative, maps, photos, and drawings. Up to three individual sites will be designed through to permit-ready Final (100%) Plans and Technical Specifications. The sites will likely include a mix of grading and use of large engineered log jams to reconnect and re-create and connect floodplain habitat. The designs will be developed using a multi-stage design step and review process. Engineer's cost estimates for construction will be prepared for each site. The landowners and a Technical Review Committee will be consulted at every major assessment and design step. Implementation Marin Drought
March 2023 Q2010515 Mendocino County Resource Conservation District $30,000 Big River Riparian Roads Restoration Project The Project will treat prioritized future road related sediment delivery features in the Big River watershed by implementing permanent road decommissioning treatments at 18 features along 2.7 miles of abandoned logging road, and implementing 10 storm-proofing/upgrading treatments along 2.6 miles of maintained State Park road. Implementation Mendocino Drought
March 2023 Q2010522 Pacific Coast Fish, Wildlife and Wetlands Restoration Association $347,265 Lower Little River Off-Channel Coho Habitat Improvement Project The objective of this project is to enhance connectivity to the floodplain by creating off-channel pond(s)/channel(s) which enhance winter high-flow refugia and rearing habitat for coho salmon in the lower Little River estuary. This project will remove an existing tide gate, construct off-channel ponds, install wood cover structures along the channel, and restore of riparian habitat. Implementation Humboldt Drought
March 2023 Q2030400 Gold Ridge RCD $80,000 Alliance Redwoods Water Conservation Implementation Project Grantee will implement water conservation measures and alternative water sourcing for the Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds, eliminating direct surface water diversion from Dutch Bill Creek and reducing overall diversion by 90%, from an average of 2.8 million gallons per May-October dry season to 300,000 gallons, all of which will be sourced from sidehill wells. The project identified and prioritized through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) - funded Russian River Water Resources Coho Partnership and developed through CDFW, FRGP grant P1730403, will increase dry season flows in Dutch Bill Creek by at least 0.05 cubic feet per second. Grantee will undertake monitoring of streamflow using water flow gauges. Implementation Sonoma Drought
March 2023 Q2030403 Gold Ridge RCD $31,733 Iron Horse Vineyards Fish Screen Implementation Project The Grantee will install a fish screen, designed through FRGP funded grant (P1830405) on a currently unscreened irrigation and frost protection water diversion at Iron Horse Vineyards, on the mainstem of Green Valley Creek. The existing diversion has a concrete intake structure located on the streambank. The project will reconfigure this structure and retrofit it with a self-cleaning traveling belt fish screen. Implementation Sonoma Drought
March 2023 1729518 Trout Unlimited, Inc. $2,858,949 Paynes Creek Bend Water Users Fish Passage Restoration Project The Project will construct a roughened rock ramp downstream of the existing Bend Water Users diversion dam, replace the existing off-channel fish screen and fish bypass pipe with an on-channel fish screen, reprofile and install approximately 1,100 feet of pipeline in the unlined upstream portion of the ditch, and install a new flow-measurement device. These improvements will meet state and federal passage and screen criteria. Implementation Tehama NBS-Wildlife Corridors
April 2023 1729755 Chileno Valley Newt Brigade $77,876 Chileno Valley Road Newt Passage Project The Chileno Valley Newt Brigade (CVNB) has identified a 0.8-mile stretch of Chileno Valley Road in Marin County where newts and other at-risk small animal species have a documented high mortality rate. With the Chileno Valley Newt Passage Project, a collaborative team including CVNB, US Geological Survey, and Dokken Engineering  will evaluate actions to reduce mortality of newts crossing from their natural habitat in the hills above the road to breeding grounds at the edge of Laguna Lake. Planning Marin NBS-Wildlife Corridors
April 2023 1729287 USDA Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit $981,985.00 Upper Truckee River Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Expansion Area Project Completion of the project will result in the largest, interconnected, climate resilient Lahontan cutthroat trout habitat in the Sierra Nevada, and will create a meta-population with both lacustrine and stream life histories that will be a crucial step toward species recovery in the Lake Tahoe Basin. This project will connect a total of 17 miles of stream and 100 lake acres for this federally threatened species.
Implementation El Dorado NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
April 2023 1729299 Yurok Tribe $9,000,000 McKinney Post Fire - Emergency Restoration Project The McKinney Fire started on July 29, 2022 just west of the town of Yreka, CA in Siskiyou County. Within its first three days, the explosive fire burned over 50,000 acres, and by August 16, 2022, over 60,392 acres. Shortly after its start, precipitation triggered flooding and debris flows in various tributaries including Humbug, Vesa, Little Humbug, Barkhouse, and McKinney Creeks. The debris flows damaged infrastructure and water quality killing tens of thousands of fish along 50 miles. Implementation Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1730073 Yurok Tribe $7,000,000 Scott River Tailings Reach Watershed Channel Restoration – Farmers’ Ditch  The Yurok Tribe, California Trout, Scott River Water Trust, Farmers Ditch Company and the Karuk Tribe have developed a Design Build Project to address multi-use components for the restoration of in-stream aquatic fisheries habitat and improvements to water diversion infrastructure for on-farm water utilization and increased water use efficiency within the mainstem Scott River.  Planning/Implementation  Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1729767 Montague Water Conservation District $500,000 Upper Shasta River Fish Passage – feasibility and alternatives The Montague Water Conservation District will work with multiple partners to assess all feasible alternatives to allow fish passage into the upper Shasta River and tributaries from below Dwinnell Reservoir.  This assessment will analyze all necessary components required to ensure proper fish passage and function for migrating adults and out-migrating juveniles and will result in a selection of the most preferred alternative.  The assessment will also conduct an existing conditions analysis above Dwinnell Reservoir to determine the viability of existing habitats and determine significant barriers and threats that currently exist.  The MWCD will develop an advisory group of involved agencies, Tribes and other parties to provide feedback and direction. Implementation Siskiyou Drought
April 2023   Karuk Tribe  $1,275,000 Supplementation of Coho in Big Springs CDFW will work with the Karuk Tribe to utilize Remote Site Incubators (RSI) to determine if supplementation of Coho Salmon populations in the Shasta River Watershed is appropriate and can be successfully implemented.  Implementation will include the use of RSI on The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Big Springs Ranch Wildlife Area, in Siskiyou County.  Coho Salmon eyed eggs will be taken from the new Fall Creek Hatchery (FCH) on the Klamath River and placed in RSI at Big Springs.  Coho Salmon will hatch in the RSI units and develop in gravels being fed with Big Springs water before volitionally leaving the RSI to rear in Big Springs and the Shasta River.   Planning/Implementation  Siskiyou Drought
April 2023   Karuk Tribe  $1,500,000 Big Springs Ranch Habitat Improvement Project  The Yurok and Karuk Tribes will work together to design and implement fish passage improvements in Little Springs Creek within the CDFW Big Springs Ranch Wildlife Area and also provide instream habitat restoration.  Specific work includes the removal of a barrier at the top of Little Springs to provide volitional fish passage into Little Springs Lake, a habitat evaluation and restoration plan for Little and Big Springs, designs for Little and Big Springs projects, and implementation of habitat improvement projects to increase available habitat for salmonids.   Implementation Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1729284 California Trout, Inc. $69,484 McCloud River Redband Trout Refuge Pool Habitat Enhancement Project This project seeks to design and construct refuge pools on two McCloud River tributaries for the benefit of McCloud River Redband Trout (MRRT), a Species of Special Concern. These pools will provide habitat to MRRT during periods of low stream flow. Pools will be designed to maximize form and long-term sustainability. A total of six refuge pools may be constructed, two new pools on Sheepheaven Creek (or the restoration of existing refuge pools) and up to four on Edson Creek. 
Implementation Shasta Climate
April 2023 1729773 The Wildlands Conservancy $369,213 Bluff Lake Reserve Habitat Restoration Plan Situated at the headwaters of the Santa Ana River watershed in the San Bernardino Mountains, the Bluff Lake Reserve (BLR) hosts three endangered montane meadow plants and is planned for translocation of endangered mountain yellow-legged frogs and unarmored three-spine stickleback fish later this year. The wetlands restoration projects will restore the natural drainage of Siberia Creek through the meadow and into the lake, improving and sustaining the endangered species habitat. Implementation San Bernardino NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
April 2023 1729349 Sonoma Land Trust $2,203,000 Lakeville Creek Restoration Project The Lakeville Creek Restoration Project restores a 4,240-foot reach of Lakeville Creek, a seasonal tributary to the Petaluma River linking coastal uplands to the historic margin of San Pablo Bay. Using a 'Stage Zero' approach, the ditch-like channel will be filled in to create a wetland complex characterized by multiple shallow swales traveling through densely rooted wetland vegetation. This nature-based solution provides multiple habitat and ecosystem benefits and increases climate resilience. Implementation Sonoma Climate
April 2023 1729781 Lassen Land & Trails Trust $704,880 Mountain Meadow Restoration in Lassen County This project consists of multiple parts, all involving mountain meadow restoration. We will utilize both physical and virtual fencing, low-tech, process-based restoration (LTPBR) techniques, and innovative grazing management practices to achieve enhancement of riparian and meadow habitat across multiple ownerships. Each part of this project builds on a completed, planned, or partially funded project. Implementation Lassen NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
April 2023 1729462 CalTrout $218,555 Feasibility Study to use Process-Based Restoration Techniques on the Little Shasta River to Enhance Stream Habitat and Mitigate for Droughts The Little Shasta lower reach used to support a patchwork of groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDE). Restoring GDE habitat in the Little Shasta will mitigate for drought, improve ecosystem function in the Shasta watershed and support a broader goal of salmon recovery in the Klamath watershed. This project aims to investigate ways to restore GDE functionality using processed based restoration to address depleted water tables, channel incision, floodplain dysfunction, and riparian recruitment. Planning Siskiyou NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
April 2023 1729487 Scott River Watershed Council $767,837 Scott River Mountain Meadow Restoration Program- Planning The Scott River Mountain Meadow Restoration Program will, at the watershed scale, assess and plan to restore the mountain meadows of the Scott River Watershed.  We will use remote sensing assessment tools developed by the USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station and calibrated by the Klamath Meadows Partnership to identify sites with high restoration potential, followed by field confirmation and planning for holistic process based restoration, then move quickly to implementation. Planning Siskiyou NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
April 2023 1729660 Siskiyou County Farm Bureau  $3,212,500 Securing Water Supply for Salmon and Agriculture in the Scott and Shasta Rivers Siskiyou County Farm Bureau will work with CDFW to identify willing landowners to conserve water, resulting in improved habitat conditions in key fisheries/streamflow areas by fallowing agricultural fields along with the associated reduction in irrigation water use.  This project will also reduce the use of inefficient stock water systems, by repairing or creating alternative stock water systems, which will reduce surface water diversions and improve instream habitat conditions. This project will focus on strategic areas to provide an instream benefit and will include a robust monitoring plan that will provide key information for future use. Implementation Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1729767 California Trout, Inc. $2,812,500 Shasta Safe Harbor Habitat Improvement Project The Shasta River's ice-cold springs have historically supported vibrant salmon populations, including state, and federally threatened Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast Coho Salmon. 180 years of land use changes have resulted in significant population declines. This project addresses Coho recovery across the landscape, leveraging the Shasta Safe Harbor Agreement (SHA), to restore aquatic habitat along the stream reaches of seven participating ranches. Implementation Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1729783 CalTrout $1,727,029 Improving Drought Resilience for Water Supply and Native Fishes in the Upper Sacramento Basin: Assessing Large Groundwater Spring Sensitivity to Climate Change, Drought and their Contribution to Native Fish Life History "This project provides a foundation for management of water supply and fisheries upstream of Shasta Dam in a variable climate by:

-Defining recharge source areas and subsurface residence time of critical groundwater spring complexes
-Quantifying changes in these metrics during drought
-Quantifying the benefits of these ecosystems to species persistence

Data will be interpreted through the lens of water availability in Shasta Reservoir and the long-term management strategies of listed species."
Scientific Study Shasta Climate
April 2023 1730018 Siskiyou County Flood Control and Water Conservation District $1,000,000 Scott Valley Ditch Infiltration Project  Siskiyou County Natural Resources staff seeks to address threats to water resources and make progress towards the goals of SGMA by continuing the groundwater recharge project developed by Scott Valley Irrigation District (SVID) and studying ditch infiltration.   The primary objective of the project is to evaluate ditch water potential for groundwater recharge and streamflow augmentation.   Monitoring data and the Scott Valley Integrated Hydrologic Model (SVIHM) will be used to evaluate ditch water infiltration at different locations, times, and conditions to develop strategies to optimize groundwater recharge and support instream flows. Implementation  Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1730063 Scott River Watershed Council $1,000,000 Scott River Tailings Comprehensive Restoration Planning  Building on extensive ongoing baseline condition assessments, modeling, planning and design, the Scott River Watershed Council in close coordination with tribes, landowners and regulatory entities, will plan and prioritize property acquisitions, and holistic reach-scale restoration of the Scott River Tailings.  Planning Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1730151 Montague Water Conservation District $1,500,000 Hole in the Ground Ranch Conservation Project  The Montague Water Conservation District, working with the Hole in the Ground Ranch, will evaluate and implement conservation measures supplementary to the Template Safe Harbor Agreement for Conservation of Coho Salmon in the Shasta River.  This project includes evaluating and improving existing stream crossings, evaluating existing riparian zone fencing and enhancing riparian buffers in some areas to enhance vegetative cover, while also evaluating and implementing alternative off-channel stock water systems to eliminate in channel stock water.  Implementation  Siskiyou Drought
April 2023 1730570 Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District $200,000 Above Dwinnell Diversion Assessment and Planning  This project supports the planning for Coho salmon to utilize habitat above Dwinnell Dam on the Shasta River for spawning and rearing.  Prior to reintroduction of Coho Salmon above Dwinnell an assessment of existing water diversions that includes amount diverted, presence of headgate, water measuring device, and fish screen is needed.  The Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District will complete this assessment and develop an implementation plan and cost analysis for installing fish friendly diversion infrastructure.   Planning  Siskiyou Drought
May 2023 1730401 California Trout, Inc.  $1,077,229 Bull Creek Hamilton Floodplain Restoration Project Project actions are designed to restore salmonid and native riparian habitat in this high priority Humboldt Redwood State Park location. The restoration project will: (1) excavate excess coarse sediment material from the Hamilton floodplain deposited in the 1964 flood; (2) haul excavated material to off-site disposal sites; (3) revegetate the floodplain with native wetland and riparian plants; and (4) install four engineered wood jams in the mainstem Bull Creek adjacent to the floodplain. Implementation Humboldt  NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
May 2023 1729312 The Nature Conservancy $512,925 Scott River Land and Water Acquisition Program This proposal will help launch a land and water acquisition program in the Scott River watershed.  The goal of this program is to work with the community to acquire land or water assets that restore flows and salmon habitat in the Scott River Basin.  We will use a suite of real estate tools such as conservation easements to accomplish this goal and will work with local partners to lead restoration efforts. Planning Siskiyou Drought
May 2023 1729414 California Trout, Inc. $500,850 Evans Spring Scientific Investigation to Support Cold-Water Ecosystem Resilience to Extreme Drought Extreme drought in the western U.S has resulted in the driest conditions in 1,200 years. Despite these critically dry conditions, CalTrout is working with farmers to add instream flow as a beneficial use of their allocated water, including the reconnection of Evans, a cold-water spring, to the Little Shasta.  The proposed study is needed to quantify the local and regional habitat benefit of this additional water - to inform design and provide instream protections post implementation. Scientific Study Siskiyou Climate
May 2023 1729678 City of Eureka $4,969,566 First Slough Fish Passage, Floodplain Restoration, and Coastal Habitat Connectivity Project This shovel-ready, urban stream restoration project will remove three fish passage barriers identified by CDFW (CDFG 2007). Two culverts will be replaced and the third will be removed to add an additional mile of anadromous habitat. Riparian, instream, coastal and floodplain habitats will be enhanced within the Cooper Gulch Reach of First Slough. CDFW observed Coho immediately downstream of the project area last week.  Implementation Humboldt Drought
May 2023 1730049 Trout Unlimited, Inc. $129,818 Jenny Creek Barrier Removal Design Trout Unlimited is seeking funding to remove a man-made concrete barrier on Jenny Creek to ensure passage for anadromous salmonids. Jenny Creek is a major tributary of the Klamath River located at river mile 194 in Iron Gate Reservoir. Jenny Creek has approximately 1.9 miles of anadromous habitat from Iron Gate Reservoir to a natural waterfall that prevents fish passage.  1.05 miles from Iron Gate Reservoir is an abandoned concrete gravity barrier that likely blocks fish passage at low flows. 
Planning Siskiyou NBS-Wildlife Corridors
May 2023 1729474 Scott River Watershed Council $970,713 East Fork Scott River and Grouse Creek Planning and Design Project The project will plan, design and identify permitting for the restoration of 1 mile of East Fork Scott River and 1.6 miles of Grouse Creek, Siskiyou  County. The East Fork Scott River is a key Coho and Chinook spawning and rearing tributary of the Scott River and Grouse Creek contributes significant cold water inputs. The project encompasses private and public land, engages a tribal collaborator and focuses on nature based solutions to enhance salmon resilience to drought and climate change. Planning Siskiyou NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
May 2023 1729844 California Trout, Inc. $892,712 Battle Creek Floodplain Enhancement CalTrout, River Partners and DU propose to redesign, exempt, and implement a project to enhance waterfowl habitat while delivering floodplain-derived food resources to juvenile salmonids in lower Battle Creek to support establishment of second winter-run Chinook salmon population and enhance abundance of all four runs of Sacramento Valley chinook salmon.
Implementation Shasta NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
May 2023 1729802 Ventura County Watershed Protection District $6,751,805 Robles-Meiners Oaks Design and Planning Project This Project requests funds to complete 30% design plans for sediment transport and fish passage improvements at the Robles Diversion Facility (Robles), and for conforming flood protection improvements for the community of Meiners Oaks, as essential components of the Matilija Dam Ecosystem Restoration Project (MDERP). Funds are also requested for updated CEQA compliance at Robles, and for  NRCS PL 566 planning and NEPA compliance support for these and other MDERP components. Planning Ventura NBS-Wildlife Corridors
May 2023 1729905 Scott River Watershed Council $300,337 Scott River Mountain Meadow Restoration Implementation The Scott River Mountain Meadow Restoration Project will expand meadow protection fencing, conifer removal, and the footprint of restored hydrologic function at the Big Meadows and other mountain meadow sites across the Scott River watershed. The project will add 25 acres of cattle exclusion fencing, remove conifers from 50 acres and use low tech process based techniques to arrest hydrologic degradation.
Implementation Siskiyou NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
May 2023 1729963 Smith River Alliance $1,955,702 East Fork Mill Creek Floodplain Restoration The project located on the East Fork Mill Creek will provide important off-channel and low velocity habitat for juvenile rearing salmonids. Work involves relocating a bridge and road out of the floodplain to allow for natural floodplain connectivity, channel migration, installation of large wood structures, and restoration of natural ecosystem processes across at least seven acres of a broad floodplain. Implementation Del Norte NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
May 2023 1730217 Sonoma County Regional Parks  $905,792 Shiloh Ranch Regional Park Riparian Restoration Project Shiloh Ranch Regional Park, seated in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains, is composed of canyons, meadows, grasslands, ridges, seasonal creeks, and a perennial pond. Shiloh pond serves as a critical habitat feature and is in danger of failure. This project will address an ongoing pattern of erosion around the pond by filling gullies, restoring wetland and riparian habitat both up- and down-stream of the pond; creating a new spillway and restoring the creek to a more natural hydrology. Implementation Sonoma NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
May 2023 1730270 California Trout, Inc. $817,261 Big Chico Creek Watershed and Fish Passage Planning Project This project will scope fish passage improvement options and feasibility on two barriers on Big Chico Creek. Other threats to listed species such as connectivity, flood control structures, and habitat suitability will be assessed. The result will be a Fish Passage Conditions Report and a watershed planning document which identifies threats and action items. The Mechoopda Indian Tribe will be involved in all aspects of the project to create fisheries professional development opportunities. Planning Butte NBS-Wildlife Corridors
May 2023 1730168 Salmon River Restoration Council $375,000 Red Bank Habitat Enhancement Project SRRC, in coordination with the USFS, MLA, and PWA proposes to implement off-channel fisheries and riparian habitat enhancement on the Red Bank river bar on the North Fork Salmon River. Project components include increasing habitat complexity in riverbar side channels, creating high-flow backwaters and alcoves, and revegetating the riverbar, which will create high quality winter rearing habitat and cold-water summer refugia for coho and spring Chinook salmon and other anadromous salmonids. Implementation Siskiyou Drought
May 2023 1730319 U.S. Geological Survey $115,508 Arroyo toad monitoring and recovery USGS proposes to survey for the federally endangered and state ranked S2 (imperiled) arroyo toad at prioritized historical locations where they have not been seen recently. These locations could be experiencing decline or extirpation, however, toads may simply have been less detectable during past surveys due to prolonged drought. These data will help land and resource managers better understand potential management needs in  understudied areas within the arroyo toad?s range. Monitoring Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Climate
May 2023 1730344 U.S. Geological Survey $147,174 Desert salamander inventory surveys USGS proposes to survey for desert-dwelling salamanders at historical and yet-to-be-discovered locations. Due to prolonged drought, desert salamander species may have gone undetected at locations where they were formerly known from despite repeated surveys. The federally endangered and state ranked S1 (critically imperiled) desert slender salamander (Batrachoceps aridus), has not been seen at its last two known locations since 1997 but may be more detectable after recent rains. Monitoring Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Climate
June 2023 1729307 Friends of Auburn Ravine $34,080 Auburn Ravine Fish Passage Monitoring Program Expansion of our Salmon Surveys in Auburn Ravine in western Placer County.
Since 2016, we have been working to get the Hemphill Dam removed from Auburn Ravine so that salmon, steelhead, and lamprey would have unimpaired access to 6 miles of good spawning area above the dam.
Removal of the dam is now in complete.
To assess the benefits of this dam removal, we need to expand our salmon surveys to cover the 6 miles of creek upstream from the Hemphill site.
Monitoring Placer Climate
June 2023 1729491 Greater Farallones Association $494,616 Bolinas Lagoon South End Habitat Adaptation and Resilience Project Bolinas Lagoon is a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance and a major stopover on the Pacific Flyway. Without intervention, flooding and erosion will further destroy transitional habitat and threaten marsh-dependent species. This project will identify and evaluate nature-based alternatives to reconnect the degraded transition zone along the lagoon's south end to restore natural ecological processes, enhance biodiversity, and increase shoreline resilience against current and future impacts. Planning Marin Climate
June 2023 1730284 River Partners $365,232 Holtville Alamo River Trail Expansion and Habitat Restoration Planning Project The Holtville Alamo River Planning Project will complete the planning and design for the restoration of 70 acres of riparian habitat and construction of a multi-use trail along the Alamo River in the City of Holtville in Imperial Valley. The proposed project will support the restoration of habitat for wildlife along the Alamo River, the expansion of recreation and job opportunities in a severely disadvantaged community, and improved climate resilience for both wildlife and the community. Planning Imperial Climate
June 2023 1730343 Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz $3,195,861 Reconnecting Winter run to their ancestral waters: monitoring reintroduction success on the McCloud To prevent near extinction of endangered Sacramento River winter run Chinook salmon (SRWRCS) during the third year of drought, CDFW, NMFS, and the Winnemem Wintu Tribe enacted a drought emergency action order to reintroduce SRWRCS to their ancestral waters on the McCloud. The purpose of this project is to form a monitoring partnership to assist CDFW in evaluating multiple actions involved with restoring populations of Chinook Salmon to the McCloud River upstream of Shasta Reservoir. Monitoring Shasta Climate
June 2023 1729992 Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District $809,076 Sierra Valley Groundwater Recharge Multi-Benefit Project The SVGMD seeks to increase the amount of shallow groundwater in the Sierra Valley Subbasin through a groundwater recharge project,that will enhance water resources for migratory birds, groundwater dependent ecosystems, and DACs. Excess winter flow from Smithneck Creek will be diverted to a recharge area that feeds shallow and deep portions of the aquifer. Enhanced recharge will support the biodiverse wetland meadow complex , increase water supply to DACs, and improve climate resiliency. Planning Plumas, Sierra NBS- Wetlands/Meadows
July 2023 1729713 Mohave Ground Squirrel Conservation Council $140,127 Mohave Ground Squirrel - Pilot Study Survey Design The Mohave ground squirrel (Xerospermophilus mohavensis; MGS) is a California Endangered Species Act-listed species found only in the western Mojave Desert. Because of continuing anthropogenic and environmental impacts, the distribution and abundance of the MGS has been substantially reduced over decades. We are proposing a MGS pilot monitoring study with three research components (Tasks 1-3) to better detect changes in MGS abundance and distribution and target efforts toward conservation.
Scientific Study Kern, San Bernardino Climate
July 2023 1729555 Land Trust of Napa County $2,000,000 Snell Valley Main Ranch Conservation Easement Acquisition The Land Trust of Napa County is seeking to complete protection of the 1,400-acre Snell Valley Ranch. Phase 1 was completed in 2022, when LTNC purchased 550+ acres that were added to existing preserves. This proposal focuses on Phase 2, protecting the central 846 acres of the property through a conservation easement (CE). The property contains multiple rare species, significant water and meadow resources and is key to the goal of protecting a priority wildlife corridor across the North Bay. Acquisition Napa Prop 1
July 2023 1730017 US Fish and Wildlife Service $139,176 Spring-run Chinook Salmon Donor Stock Collection We propose to collect donor stock from the Feather River Fish Hatchery in the fall for 3 years. Spawning activities at the FRFH occur over a period of approx. 2 weeks until the number of eggs are obtained to meet broodstock egg targets and genetic diversity of mated pairs. Once the fish reach the eyed egg stage, they are transferred in the winter to a quarantine location at Silverado Fisheries Base to undergo further evaluation prior to being relocated in the spring to an Interim Facility.  Planning Fresno Climate
July 2023 1730511 Trout Unlimited, Inc. $264,829 Arroyo Seco River Concrete Ford Fish Passage Alternative Design Project - Sycamore Flats This project will conduct a Plan/Design Alternative Analysis which identifies/selects a preferred alternative and then develops the 100% design package of that alternative (Civil, structural, geotechnical) to modify the Sycamore Flats concrete ford which spans the Arroyo Seco (barrier).  Project designs will improve conditions for federally threatened South Central Coast steelhead trout on the Arroyo Seco River and will continue to provide access to existing dwellings and commercial vineyards. Planning Monterey Climate
July 2023 1730600 Trout Unlimited, Inc. $998,839 Monache Meadow Restoration and Engagement Project This project proposes to accelerate mountain meadow restoration while prioritizing community and tribal participation, leading to an integrated public-private commitment to land stewardship of Monache Meadows, a treasured working landscape. With this project, TU in partnership with the landowners, CDFW and Inyo NF, offer a unique opportunity for state and federal agency collaboration in large-scale restoration, leveraging of public-private funding, and advancement of meadow restoration science. Planning Tulare NBS- Wetlands/Meadows