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2017 Sport Abalone Fishing Survey

Background: Sport Abalone Fishery Information

This survey will aid the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) by gathering information on preferences and concerns of the fishing public regarding management of northern California’s red abalone fishery. Red abalone is a resource managed by the CDFW under the Abalone Recovery and Management Plan (ARMP). Currently, the ARMP is designed to maintain the fishery in a condition that provides very high quality and quantity fishing opportunities by adjusting regulations in response to data on red abalone density (number of abalone in a specific area) at selected sites. Visit ARMP and current fishery management for further details.

In recent years, a series of environmental events have combined into a link opens in new window“perfect storm” (YouTube Video) of ecological impacts that have significantly impacted red abalone populations. In December 2016, the Commission approved temporary emergency regulations in response to link opens in new tab or windowdeteriorating abalone population health due to the recent poor environmental conditions. The Commission will consider long-term regulations if environmental conditions remain poor for abalone. This survey provides an opportunity for fishers to contribute their opinions, and will be used by CDFW to inform the development of the management framework in the Red Abalone Fishery Management Plan and recommendations to the Commission for the fishery.

The survey submission period has ended.

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Red abalone attached to boulder. CDFW photo by Derek Stein.

Return your abalone report cards by Jan. 31 following the season closure to:

Abalone Report Card
32330 N. Harbor Dr.
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

You can also submit harvest data online.

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