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Pink (Ocean) Shrimp Fishery Management Plan

Final Pink (Ocean) Shrimp, Pandalus jordani, Fishery Management Plan/Environmental Document (PDF)(opens in new tab)

Pink shrimp (Pandalus jordani), also called ocean shrimp, supports a historically important commercial fishery along California’s north coast. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) developed a commercial pink shrimp fishery management plan (FMP), consistent with the guidelines in the Marine Life Management Act (MLMA). The Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP is a basic FMP, as defined by the MLMA Master Plan, for less complex fisheries. The purpose of the Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP is to improve management using an adaptive framework. The goals of the Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP are to: 1) implement a Harvest Control Rule (HCR) responsive to environmental changes, 2) have consistent regulations across the three West Coast states, and 3) reduce bycatch of a federally threatened species, eulachon (Thalichthys pacificus)(PDF)(opens in new tab). The Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP also helps clarify that state waters are closed to pink shrimp trawling.

The Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP establishes three new management measures for the fishery including:

  1. An HCR that is based on target and limit reference points adopted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
    Table 1. Target and limit reference points for the California pink shrimp trawl fishery based on reference points developed for the Oregon pink shrimp fishery (SLH = Sea Level Height).
    June average catch/trip Current season closes Following season opens
    > 12,500 lb/trip (normal season) October 31 April 1
    < 12,500 lb/trip (target) October 15 April 15
    < 10,000 lb/trip + Apr-Jan SLH > 7.5 ft (limit) As soon as possible April 15
  2. A requirement to use LED lighting devices along the trawl footrope to reduce eulachon bycatch.
  3. A procedure to standardize reporting of pink shrimp weight at the time of landing.


Efforts to align California’s pink shrimp fishery management with other West Coast states began at the California Fish and Game Commission’s Marine Resource Committee (MRC) meeting in 2017. The MRC recommended that CDFW develop a rulemaking to implement an HCR, reduce eulachon bycatch, and revisit the capacity goal of the fishery. Beginning in 2019, CDFW held annual meetings with the commercial pink shrimp fleet and processors. In 2020, CDFW recommended that a basic FMP be created. Following this, the FMP’s proposed new management measures and HCR framework were developed with input from fishermen, processors, and non-governmental organizations. On April 20, 2022, the Commission adopted the Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP, and on June 15, 2022, the Commission adopted the Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP's Implementing Regulations.

Pink Shrimp FMP Timeline


  • November 9 – Fish and Game Commission’s Marine Resource Committee Hears Overview of Commercial Trawl Fishery and Capacity Goal


  • October 24 – Annual Fishermen/Processor Meeting


  • May 13 – Annual Fishermen/Processor Meeting
  • November 10 – Fish and Game Commission’s Marine Resource Committee Hears Potential Pink Shrimp FMP


  • May 7 – Annual Fishermen/Processor Meeting
  • July 15 – Notified Tribal Representatives of FMP Development
  • July 21 – Fish and Game Commission’s Marine Resource Committee Hears CDFW Update on and Discussion of a Draft Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP and Proposed Implementing Regulations
  • July 27 – CDFW Sends out Draft Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP to Interested Parties for Informal Review
  • July 28 – Draft Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP Submitted to MRAG Americas for Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification Review
  • October 4 – Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Document for the Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP
  • October 21 – Public Scoping Meeting – Environmental Document for the Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP
  • December 15 – Notice Hearing for Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP Adoption
  • December 20 - Notice of Availability of an Environmental Document for the Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP


  • February 16 – Notice Hearing for Implementing Regulations
  • April 20 – Adoption of Pink (Ocean) Shrimp FMP
  • June 15 – Adoption of Implementing Regulations
  • November 1 – Implementing Regulations become effective


  • March 10 – Annual Fishermen/Processor Meeting