Gray Wolf Updates

December 2018 - Gray Wolf website updates
  • December 18, 2018

An update to the California's Known Wolves - Past and Present document and a depredation report from Dec. 5 have been posted to the CDFW Gray Wolf website. CDFW was notified by ODFW that OR-59, a male dispersing wolf approximately 1.5 years old, had crossed the state line into Modoc County on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018. On Dec. 5, a calf that died from natural causes was scavenged in the area, and evidence at the scene (as well as GPS data) indicate that OR-59 was in the immediate vicinity. On Dec. 9, CDFW was notified by ODFW of a mortality signal for OR-59. CDFW Wildlife Officers responded to the last known location and found OR-59 deceased. This is now under a criminal investigation conducted by wildlife officers from CDFW’s law enforcement division. CDFW takes very seriously any threats to this recovering wolf population, and will investigate fully any possible criminal activity in these deaths. CDFW reminds the public that killing a wolf is a potential crime and subject to serious penalties including imprisonment.

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