CDFW Wolf Livestock Compensation Grants

IMPORTANT: CDFW is no longer accepting Wolf-Livestock Compensation Pilot Program applications.

In 2021, the California state legislature appropriated $3 million to CDFW to develop a Wolf-Livestock Compensation Pilot Program to help minimize the impact of wolves on livestock producers based on the following areas of need (prongs): Direct livestock loss (prong 1); Nonlethal deterrents (prong 2); Pay for presence (prong 3). An interim program was launched to receive applications for Prong 1 in February 2022 and Prong 2 in May 2022. The pilot program for compensation of all three prongs launched in June 2023.

As of March 2024, all funds are exhausted. Eligible livestock producers received 100% of the $3 million allocated by the Legislature. A total of 109 grants were awarded to producers with livestock in the following areas of known wolf activity: Siskiyou, Lassen, Plumas, Tulare Counties.

Participation in the pilot program was voluntary and open to all eligible producers. Applications were processed on a first-come basis through a multi-step, tiered internal review process to confirm eligibility. Funds were not proportionally allocated by prong, county, or known wolf pack Learn more!