CDFW Wolf Livestock Compensation Grants

The CDFW has launched an Interim Wolf Livestock Loss Compensation Grant Program. This program aims to help minimize the impacts wolves have on livestock producers in California. Apply now!

CDFW is receiving recommendations from a range of experts and stakeholders in order to implement a more comprehensive pilot program in the coming months. That program will address three areas of need (prongs): payments for the impacts of wolf presence on livestock, compensation for livestock loss, and non-lethal deterrent use. This program will remain in effect until funds allotted in the 2021-22 state budget are exhausted.

Livestock Loss Compensation

Livestock producers who have lost animals to confirmed or probable wolf predation, as verified by CDFW, can apply for compensation at fair market value for losses incurred on or after September 23, 2021.

Deterrence Method(s) Compensation

Livestock producers who use non-lethal deterrent methods to deter wolf presence near livestock in areas of known wolf activity can apply for compensation of associated costs. The CDFW supports the use of various non-lethal techniques to deter wolf presence near livestock. Producers, landowners, their employees and agent(s) are encouraged to contact their County Agricultural Commissioner, the CDFW, and agency partners for technical assistance and to explore options.