CDFW Wolf Livestock Compensation Grants

In 2021, the California state legislature appropriated funding to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to “develop a grant process to allocate funds to pay for the deterrence of wolf presence near livestock, the impacts of wolf presence on livestock, and for verified loss of livestock for participating ranchers.”

The Department has launched a Wolf-Livestock Compensation Pilot Program to support all three areas of need (prongs) of this legislative directive: payments for the impacts of wolf presence on livestock, compensation for livestock loss, and nonlethal methods to deter wolf presence from livestock. This program aims to help minimize the impacts wolves have on livestock producers in California. During development of this program, the Department received recommendations from diverse subject matter experts, agency partners, livestock producers, and other interested parties.

Eligible livestock producers may apply for compensation retroactive from September 23, 2021. The program will remain in effect until June 30, 2026, or until all funds are exhausted. Apply now!

Livestock Loss Compensation

Livestock producers with livestock that have been injured or killed due to wolf depredation (confirmed or probable) can apply for compensation at fair market value for losses incurred on or after September 23, 2021. The Department provides a CDFW Depredation Determination Form to document each report and investigation of suspected wolf depredation.

Nonlethal Deterrent

Livestock producers who use non-lethal deterrent methods to deter wolf presence near livestock in areas of known wolf activity can apply for compensation of associated costs. The Department supports the use of various non-lethal tools and techniques to deter wolf presence near livestock. Livestock producers, landowners, their employees, and authorized agents are encouraged to contact the Department for technical assistance when developing a broader integrated wolf deterrent strategy and applying for compensation. Local County Agricultural Commissioners, UC Cooperative Extension Offices, USDA Wildlife Service, and other agency partners can also be a valuable resource for technical guidance and to explore options.

Pay for Presence

Livestock producers operating within known wolf pack territory may apply for pay for presence compensation (P4P, prong 3). The Department does not compensate for the presence of dispersing wolves outside of pack territory as they are known to travel widely. Extenuating circumstances may exist whereby the Department will consider eligibility on a case-by-case basis. The Department accepts applications on an ongoing basis. Applications may be submitted via email: