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Closure of Border Protection Station: Entry of uninspected watercraft on I-15
  • August 21, 2018


From 2:00 pm, August 21, through approximately 6:00 am, August 25, the I-15 Border Protection Station operated by the California Department of Food and Agriculture will be non-operational, as the facilities are relocated from Yermo to Mountain Pass. During this timeframe, watercraft entering the state on I-15 will not receive inspection or decontamination. Water managers should be on high alert for incoming watercraft and diligent in their pre-launch inspections.

If quagga/zebra mussels are suspected:

  1. Contact your regional California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Quagga/Zebra Mussel Scientist immediately for watercraft inspection and quarantine, if warranted. If your regional scientist cannot be reached, contact CDFW’s Law Enforcement Dispatch (Northern California – 916-358-1312; Southern California – 951-443-2944).
  2. Do NOT collect or remove suspect mussels. Take photographs and include something in the photo for size reference (e.g. penny, ruler).
  3. Collect information for the vehicle/trailer/watercraft (license plate/registration number, make/model, color, type of watercraft).
  4. If a local ordinance exists that allows a local agency to require the vessel to remain onsite, contact local law enforcement to enforce until CDFW responds.

Should you have questions, please contact CDFW's Invasive Species Program at 866-440-9530 (Monday-Friday).

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