Citizen Science

CDFW’s Invasive Species Program is enlisting the help of California’s citizen scientists in launching a statewide effort to monitor for quagga mussels.

"What are citizen scientists?" you ask. Citizen scientists are concerned/interested members of the public that assist scientists, researchers, and resource managers by conducting surveys, collecting data, and reporting observations.

How can you join the effort? Read and print the instructions/data sheets provided below. Select any freshwater system that you would like to survey. Follow the instructions on where to survey and what data to collect, record geographic coordinates and take photographs, if possible, then return to this page to submit your survey results below. You surveyed and didn't find any quagga or zebra mussels? That's important information too! You observed other invasive species during your survey? Tell us about those too!

For questions or further guidance, contact the Invasive Species Program at, or (866) 440-9530. For more information on quagga / zebra mussel monitoring and management, visit the quagga / zebra mussel page.

With such a large variety of on-going citizen science efforts in California, across the nation, and globally, there's a project out there to fit everyone's interests! Check out these other citizen science resources to find projects you can get involved in: