Western Joshua Tree Conservation Plan

CDFW is in the process of developing the Western Joshua Tree Conservation Plan, as required by the Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act (WJTCA)(opens in new tab). The plan is being developed on a very tight timeline, with a complete draft due to the California Fish and Game Commission(opens in new tab) for review and approval by December 31, 2024. Consultation and collaboration with California Native American Tribes, governmental agencies, and the public are critical components of the plan’s development. CDFW is committed to collaboration with California Native American Tribes to ensure that co-management principles and traditional ecological knowledge are included in the plan. CDFW will be actively reaching out to California Native American Tribes regarding the plan and will also consult with any Tribe upon request. In addition, a recorded informational webinar on the WJTCA is now available for California Native American Tribes (link to YouTube). We encourage any Tribe with interest in participating in the plan’s development to email Tribal.Liaison@wildlife.ca.gov. CDFW deeply values this opportunity to collaborate. Other interested members of the public may also submit suggestions on the plan to WJT@wildlife.ca.gov.

The plan will ultimately include:

  • Description of management actions necessary to conserve western Joshua tree
  • Objective, measurable criteria to assess the effectiveness of such actions
  • Guidance for avoidance and minimization of impacts to western Joshua tree
  • Protocols for successful relocation of western Joshua tree
  • Provide for the relocation of western Joshua tree to tribal lands upon request
  • Collaboration with Native American Tribes to:
    • Include co-management principles
    • Ensure traditional ecological knowledge is incorporated into the plan

Timeline for Tribal Collaboration

  • November 17, 2023 - Informational Recording (see below)
  • December 14, 2023 - WJTCA Webinar for Native American Tribes - REGISTER HERE
  • February 2024 - CDFW-Sponsored facilitated meetings (internal for participating tribes)
  • March-April 2024 - One-on-One Collaborative Meetings

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