California and Nevada Golden Eagle Science Team

The purpose of the Golden Eagle Science Team is to ensure conservation efforts on eagles in California and Nevada are based on the best available scientific information. Activities may include assessing data gaps, proposing / developing scientific research, providing scientific review and advice to agencies, and ensuring research methods (e.g., inventory, monitoring) are rigorous. The Golden Eagle Research Science Team is led by CDFW and NDOW.

Science Team Members

Members are limited to those involved and knowledgeable in Golden Eagle biology, ecology and related scientific methods.

Science Team Meeting Agendas and Notes

Submitting Golden Eagle Data

You can submit data to the Golden Eagle Database by filling in the CNDDB Golden Eagle Database Submission Template (PDF) and sending directly to This file also provides detailed instructions, field definitions and values, sample data, and references. For general inquires related to the database you may contact

You may also submit golden eagle data using the CNDDB Online Field Survey Form. This form is an internet application that allows users to map an observation of a rare species, including but not limited to golden eagles, and submit the location and associated data in a single step. First time users will need to set up an account but will not need a CNDDB subscription to submit data.