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    • April 24, 2024

    CDFW’s existing black bear management plan was last updated in 1998 and there have been significant advancements in scientific methodologies and wildlife population modeling since then. The new conservation plan incorporates these advancements and includes contemporary scientific methods like using an integrated population model to determine population sizes and trends. Integrated population models use multiple sources of data, are robust enough to account for changes in hunting opportunity and produce accurate estimates of California’s black bear population size. This approach allows the Department a strong basis for effective and evidence-based conservation and adaptive management.

    The draft plan also calls for the creation of nine different Bear Conservation Regions throughout the state where bear populations would be monitored and potentially managed based on specific needs.

    Among the goals identified in the draft plan are conserving the state’s black bear population and their habitats, recognizing black bears as an important game species and offering more educational and safe viewing opportunities for the public while minimizing human-black bear conflict.

    In the coming weeks, CDFW will host a virtual informational public meeting to provide an overview of the draft plan. The most up-to-date information regarding this meeting will be posted on CDFW’s Public Notices and Meetings web page when the information becomes available.

    Please locate the draft plan and options on how to provide public comment on the CDFW Black Bear page. CDFW is asking for comments to be provided by June 14, 2024.

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