NRVP Personnel and Administrative Procedures

Departmental Authority

NRVP is an official CDFW program administered by the Law Enforcement Division in cooperation with county and regional volunteer programs.

Government Code Section 3110 authorizes CDFW to provide non-compensated work opportunities to individuals or groups who wish to volunteer their services

Volunteers acquire no property interest, vested or non-vested arising from their work with CDFW. Their status is maintained solely at the discretion of the Law Enforcement Division and may be separated from the program without cause. Volunteers are non-sworn employees of CDFW and have no powers of arrest or law enforcement authority.

a. Eligibility

All NRVP applicants must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements.

  1. No felony convictions.
  2. Available to volunteer during office hours and occasional weekend assignments.
  3. Willing to perform various duties, as assigned.
  4. Able to work with minimal supervision.
  5. At least 18 years of age.
  6. Possess a valid California Driver's License with acceptable driving record and medical approval.

b. Selection Procedures

  1. Applicants must complete the required NRVP application.
  2. Applicants must pass a qualification interview conducted by the CDFW Law Enforcement Division Coordinator.
  3. Applicants must successfully pass a modified background investigation conducted by CDFW or contracted agency. As a result, the applicant must be in good standing within the community.
  4. Applicant must complete an authorization to release information for background purposes. Applicants must complete an Incompatible Activities form.
  5. NRVP volunteers should attend monthly meetings, all scheduled training and report on time to their assigned duties.
  6. NRVP volunteers shall complete a Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA).

c. NRVP Volunteer Duties

The volunteer may be asked to perform a variety of duties which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Inspection of State properties (Ecological Reserves and wild land areas).
  • Respond to complaints regarding problem wildlife (depredation, nuisance and public-safety).
  • Assist CDFW employees at public outreach events, which may include CDFW sponsored hunting and fishing programs, sporting and outdoor recreational expositions, recruitment efforts and other conservation education programs.
  • Assist CDFW Hunter Education Program (co-instruct classes, administer equivalence exams, test and interview instructors).
  • Deliver written citations, (Notices to Appear) issued by CDFW enforcement personnel, to various courts within the state.
  • Disseminate sport fishing regulations and informational brochures to the public at piers, lakes and boat landings.
  • While in the field, observe and report incidents involving pollution and streambed or habitat destruction.
  • Prepare monthly citation reports and mileage logs.
  • Assist the office staff with public inquiries.
  • Computer data entry (Daily Activity Reports).
  • Assist with evidence storage, documentation and disposal.
  • Miscellaneous clerical duties (filing, shredding and photocopying).
  • Assist support staff with supply/equipment purchasing and dispersal.
  • Assist with equipment maintenance and equipment related details (transporting vehicles and vessels to shops, launch and retrieve vessels, transporting equipment to work sites).
  • Assist enforcement personnel with long-term incidents while under immediate supervision of an officer.
  • Assist CDFW law enforcement training effort.
  • Participate in CDFW Wildlife Watch and Marine Watch Programs.