Internal Science Team

CDFW's Internal Science Team is responsible for providing scientific leadership within CDFW and for the development and progress of CDFW's science initiatives.

The main goals of Team members are to:

  • Develop guidance, staff development, and other mechanisms that ensure scientific quality
  • Facilitate the development and coordination of CDFW scientific priorities
  • Identify scientific resource needs and solutions
  • Support scientific collaborations and partnerships
  • Conduct outreach and education about CDFW's diverse scientific endeavors

CDFW Science Team

  • Tom Barnes - State Managed Marine Species Program Manager
  • Helen Birss - Habitat Conservation Planning Branch Chief
  • Randy Botta - Large Mammal Specialist
  • Richard Callas - Northern Region Terrestrial Resources Assessment Program Supervisor
  • Scott Cantrell, MS - Water Branch Chief
  • William Cox, MS, PhD - Fish Production and Distribution Program Manager
  • Angela Donlan - Senior Staff Counsel
  • Gregg Erickson - Interagency Ecological Program Manager
  • Armand G. Gonzales, MS - Special Advisor, Climate Science and Renewable Energy
  • Stafford Lehr - Fisheries Branch Chief
  • Eric Loft, PhD - Wildlife Branch Chief
  • Tom Lupo, MA - Biogeographic Data Branch Chief
  • Erin Meredith, MS - Senior Wildlife Forensic Specialist
  • Scott D. Osborn, PhD - Statewide Coordinator, Small Mammal Conservation
  • Ed Pert, PhD - South Coast Regional Manager
  • Rob Titus, PhD - Anadromous Resource Assessment Program Supervisor
  • Steve Torres, MS - Wildlife Investigations Lab Supervisor
  • Jordan Traverso - Deputy Director, Office of Communications, Education and Outreach
  • David Wright, PhD - Resource Assessment Program Lead
  • Julie Yamamoto, PhD - Spill Response Scientific Branch Chief
  • Dan Yparraguirre, MS - Deputy Director, Wildlife and Fisheries Division