Internal Science Team

CDFW's Internal Science Team is responsible for providing scientific leadership within CDFW and for the development and progress of CDFW's science initiatives.

Team Member Goals

  • Develop guidance, staff development, and other mechanisms that ensure scientific quality
  • Facilitate the development and coordination of CDFW scientific priorities
  • Identify scientific resource needs and solutions
  • Support scientific collaborations and partnerships
  • Conduct outreach and education about CDFW's diverse scientific endeavors

CDFW Science Team

  • Tom Barnes - State Managed Marine Species Program Manager
  • Helen Birss - Habitat Conservation Planning Branch Chief
  • Randy Botta - Large Mammal Specialist
  • Richard Callas - Northern Region Terrestrial Resources Assessment Program Supervisor
  • Scott Cantrell, MS - Water Branch Chief
  • William Cox, MS, PhD - Fish Production and Distribution Program Manager
  • Angela Donlan - Senior Staff Counsel
  • Gregg Erickson - Interagency Ecological Program Manager
  • Armand G. Gonzales, MS - Special Advisor, Climate Science and Renewable Energy
  • Stafford Lehr - Fisheries Branch Chief
  • Eric Loft, PhD - Wildlife Branch Chief
  • Tom Lupo, MA - Biogeographic Data Branch Chief
  • Erin Meredith, MS - Senior Wildlife Forensic Specialist
  • Scott D. Osborn, PhD - Statewide Coordinator, Small Mammal Conservation
  • Ed Pert, PhD - South Coast Regional Manager
  • Rob Titus, PhD - Anadromous Resource Assessment Program Supervisor
  • Steve Torres, MS - Wildlife Investigations Lab Supervisor
  • Jordan Traverso - Deputy Director, Office of Communications, Education and Outreach
  • David Wright, PhD - Resource Assessment Program Lead
  • Julie Yamamoto, PhD - Spill Response Scientific Branch Chief
  • Dan Yparraguirre, MS - Deputy Director, Wildlife and Fisheries Division