Lands Program

Inland Deserts Region

Land Acquisition

The Inland Deserts Region, Lands North Program (Bishop Field office) works on a variety of acquisition projects with the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) that help protect valuable plant, wildlife and habitat resources in Mono, Inyo and San Bernardino Counties. The Lands Program prepares one of two documents, either a Land Acquisition Evaluation (LAE) for a single property or a Conceptual Area Protection Plan (CAPP) for multiple properties that contain similar habitat and/or species targeted for protection. These documents can be prepared in collaboration with local land trusts, non-governmental organizations, conservancies and state and federal partners. The LAE or CAPP then goes through a chain of reviews and approval from the Regional Manager up to the CDFW Director. Once approved, the LAE or CAPP is sent to WCB where land agents begin working on the acquisition process. Land is only acquired through willing sellers.

The Lands Program is currently working on a number of projects with a variety of partners including the Eastern Sierra Land Trust, The Conservation Fund, the Amargosa Conservancy, Trust for Public Lands, Transition Habitat Conservancy and the Department of Defense. These partners are helping to conserve valuable and essential habitat for species such as the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, Sierra Nevada fox, greater sage grouse, southwestern willow flycatcher, Amargosa vole as well as maintain essential connectivity for mule deer herds such as the Round Valley deer herd.

Management and Research Projects

Mule deer group foraging in Round Valley
Mule deer group foraging in Round Valley