Knoxville Wildlife Area Special Deer Hunt Draw

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is pleased to offer a special lottery hunt for deer in the Knoxville Wildlife Area, Napa County, a 22,000-acre property located north of Lake Berryessa. This special lottery draw hunt will help improve hunter safety and the quality of the hunt experience on the Knoxville Wildlife Area by limiting hunter density during the opening week of the A-Zone deer hunt season.

Special lottery draw hunt permits will be issued to successfully-drawn lottery applicants for one hunt period which covers the first week (7 days) of the A-Zone deer hunt season. The day after the special draw hunt period, the Knoxville Wildlife Area will be open to the general public for hunting and other recreational uses.

Hunt Period Applications Accepted Application Deadline
August 14-20, 2021 May 10 - June 20, 2021 June 20, 2021

The maximum number of hunters drawn for the special lottery draw hunt during the hunt period is 120. Hunters may apply as a party of up to four (4) hunters. Applicants may only submit one application per hunt period. Multiple applications from any hunter will result in disqualification from the drawing and possibly subsequent drawings.

  • Hunters may not be substituted for this special lottery draw hunt.
  • Only those hunters named on the Hunt Permit will be able to participate in the special lottery draw hunt.
  • Non-hunters, including hunt party guests, will not be permitted on the Knoxville Wildlife Area during the hunt period.
  • Junior hunters must apply in a hunt party with an adult hunter.
  • An A-Zone deer tag must be in the hunter's possession during the hunt.
  • Successful applicants will be selected by random drawing and notified by email approximately four weeks before the hunt period. This notification, which will contain the names of the successfully-drawn hunters, will serve as the Hunt Permit. The Hunt Permit must be carried by all hunters while on the Knoxville Wildlife Area during the hunt period.

To be eligible for the lottery draw, hunters must possess a 2021/2022 California hunting license. Please note that deer hunt preference points will not be considered for this lottery draw, nor will preference points be affected if drawn for this special hunt.


  • All hunters must be included on your Special Draw Deer Hunt permit application. No substitution of hunters will be allowed.
  • Only Special Draw Deer Hunt Permit-holders will be allowed on the Knoxville Wildlife Area during the hunt period.
  • Only non-lead ammunition may be used on the Knoxville Wildlife Area.

Application Instructions for Knoxville Wildlife Area Special Draw Deer Hunt

  1. If you have not already done so, please create a CDFW web account. This is a special account with the CDFW Apprentice Hunts Online Registration System and will allow you to apply for the Knoxville Wildlife Area Special Draw Deer Hunt.
  2. Go to the Apprentice Hunts Application page, and Login as a registered user. Although the Knoxville Wildlife Area Special Draw Deer Hunt is not considered an "Apprentice Hunt", the application process has been migrated temporarily to the Apprentice Hunts Application web page.
  3. Before applying make sure you have already purchased your Hunting License that will be valid during the hunt period.
  4. Click Select and Register for Hunts
  5. Select the following options:
    • Select Hunt Category: All Other Hunts
    • Select Hunt Species: Deer
    • Select Hunt Type: Wild Tags Required
  6. Select Maximum Hunt Party Size: 4
  7. Follow the instruction through the rest of the application process.

Online Apprentice Hunts Application

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