Northern Pike and Lake Davis

In 2007, the Department treated Lake Davis with rotenone to rid the reservoir of the predatory and invasive northern pike (Esox lucius), and restore the reservoir's excellent trout fishery. During a thorough environmental review process conducted jointly with the U.S. Forest Service, the Department worked closely with the local community. The reservoir area now is open and regularly stocked with rainbow trout.

You'll find Lake Davis located near the historic railroad town of Portola in Plumas County. This small mountain town is about 50 miles from Reno and an hour north of Truckee. The reservoir is situated in Plumas National Forest. Several campgrounds and day use areas surround the lake and boat ramps are available.

Boats in Lake Davis
Northern Pike Eradication Project
Northern pike Identification - mouth full of teeth, mouth wide and flat, dorsal fin - far back on body
Northern Pike Identifcation