Frequently Asked Questions about Online License Sales

What is a GOID?

A GOID number is assigned by the Automated License Data System (ALDS) to your profile. This number will appear on all documents purchased through the Department.

Which SPORT FISHING license items can be purchased online?

The following sport fishing licenses, validations and report cards may be purchased online:

  • Annual Sport Fishing Licenses (Valid January 1 to December 31)
    • Resident Sport Fishing License
    • Nonresident Sport Fishing License
  • Short-Term Sport Fishing Licenses
    • One-Day Sport Fishing License
    • Two-Day Sport Fishing License
    • Ten-Day Nonresident Sport Fishing License
  • These sport fishing stamps may be purchased in the same transaction with a sport fishing license:
    • Second-Rod Validation
    • Sport Ocean Enhancement Validation
  • Sport Fishing Report Cards
    • Abalone Report Card
    • North Coast Salmon Report Card
    • Spiny Lobster Report Card
    • Steelhead Report Card
    • Sturgeon Fishing Report Card
  • Gift Voucher for a Resident Annual Sport Fishing License

How do I verify my transaction is complete?

After you have submitted payment you will receive a link to "Download License / Print Receipts". These documents should be reviewed to verify that the purchases in the transaction are correct. You may also view your profile to see all active licenses purchased.

To purchase a license online for myself, what information do I need to provide?

To purchase a license for yourself, you must provide your name, residence address, residency status, (DMV ID, passport, green card, military ID, etc.), date of birth, height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

If I purchase a license online, when will it become effective?

If purchased after January 1, your license will be valid immediately. If you purchase a short-term sport fishing license, you will print it on your printer at the end of your transaction. When you purchase an annual sport fishing license online, you will print a temporary license document that is valid immediately and will allow you to fish for up to 30 days until you receive your sport fishing license in the mail. A working printer is required to print short-term and temporary license documents.

I already have a sport fishing license. Can I buy only the validations online?

Yes. Use the GO ID from your sport fishing license when retrieving your customer profile to ensure proper retrieval of your customer profile. Because you purchased the sport fishing validations separate from your sport fishing license, they will be printed on a separate document. Carry both documents with you while fishing.

How can I get a duplicate if I lose my license that was purchased online?

To obtain a duplicate license, go to any license agent, CDFW license sales office or log in to the Online License Service.

What should I do if I do not receive my annual license, or report cards in the mail?

If you do not receive your annual license tags, or report cards within 15 days of purchase, contact CDFW at (916) 928-2537 or e-mail If over 90 days have passed since your purchase, and the items were not returned to CDFW by the postal service, you may be required to buy duplicates of the items. Also note, if you applied in the Big Game Draw, your license and draw tag are mailed separately; if successful in the draw, the tag is mailed after the draw is completed.

What documentation is accepted as proof of completing hunter education?

Before your first hunting license can be issued through ALDS, you must present one of the following as proof of completing hunter education:

  • an annual California hunting license issued in any prior year;
  • a two-day nonresident California hunting license issued after the 1999/2000 license year;
  • a California certificate of hunter education completion or equivalency with a unique number imprinted on it ex: (AA00000) or a California hunter education certificate with no unique number imprinted and a California hunter education validation stamp affixed;
  • a certificate of successful completion of a California-approved hunter education course from any state or province; or
  • a current hunting license or hunting license issued in either of the two previous years from any state, province, European country, or South Africa. For more information, on hunter education requirements or hunter education classes, contact any CDFW License Sales Office or visit the CDFW web site at: .

Which HUNTING license items can be purchased online?

The following hunting licenses, validations, and tags can be purchased online. To purchase a hunting license online, proof of the customer’s hunter education must be entered into the Automated License Data System (ALDS) prior to purchase. If hunter education is not on file in ALDS, you must present proof of hunter education at a license agent or CDFW license sales office prior to purchasing a hunting license. Alternatively, you may contact CDFW via fax at (916) 419-7587 or e-mail and provide your personal identification and proof of hunter education so your hunter education can be updated in ALDS.

  • Hunting Licenses
    • Resident Hunting License (Valid July 1 to June 30)
    • Nonresident Hunting License (Valid July 1 to June 30)
    • Junior Hunting License (Valid July 1 to June 30)
    • Disabled Veteran Hunting License (Available annually after eligibility criteria has been verified and entered into ALDS at a CDFW license sales office)
    • Two-Day Nonresident Hunting License
    • One-Day Nonresident Hunting License
  • Validations
  • Tags
    • First Deer (non-draw tags)
    • Second Deer (non-draw tags)
    • Bear
    • Wild Pig
    • Bobcat (five tags)
  • Big Game Drawing (You can now submit applications online)
    • First Deer Tag Drawing Application
    • Second Deer Tag Drawing Application (Junior Hunters Only)
    • Elk Tag Drawing Application
    • Pronghorn Antelope Tag Drawing Application
    • Bighorn Sheep Tag Drawing Application
    • Fund-Raising Drawing - Open Zone Deer Tag
    • Fund-Raising Drawing - Elk Tag
  • Waterfowl Reservation Applications and Passes
    • Season-Long Reservation Application
    • Multiple Choice Reservation Application
    • Type-A Season Pass
    • Type-B Season Pass
    • Type-A Two-Day Pass
    • Type-A One Day Pass

If I purchase a Type A Waterfowl Pass online, can I print it at home for immediate use.

No, waterfowl passes purchased online are mailed to the customer. Allow 15 days for shipping. If you need a pass for use in less than 15 days, visit any license agent, or CDFW license sales office.

Can my hunting party apply online as a party?

Yes. Members of a party can apply online in separate transactions, but not in the same transaction. Online sales can only process one customer per transaction. The first party member will become the party leader. The party leader’s Big Game Drawing Receipt will have the Party Identification Number printed on it. The party leader can give this number out to the other members of his/her hunting party. When other members apply online, they will enter the Party Identification Number in the drawing application screen; it will bring up the hunting party and link the members to the party. The members will be assigned the same tag choices in the same order as the party leader and you will all be in the drawing together. Party applications may be made up of transactions submitted through the Internet, CDFW license sales office and license agents.

To purchase a license online for another person, what information do I need to provide?

To purchase a license for someone else, you will need to provide the licensee's name, residence address, residency status, Identification (DMV ID, passport, green card, military ID, etc.), date of birth, height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

What Internet browsers are supported?

You must have Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3.1 or Firefox 2 (or newer) to use this web application. Additionally these browsers must utilize 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level protection possible whenever you use credit / debit cards or make other financial or confidential transactions over the internet.

Internet browsers not listed here (e.g; Chrome, etc.) may not be tested as being fully compatible with the Online License Service.

What should I do if I receive a "come back later" message and unable to complete my purchase?

Complete the following steps before attempting to purchase another license:

  • Confirm that you are using a compatible browser (see prior question). Update your browser as needed.
  • Clear your temporary internet files and cookies. For example, using Internet Explorer 7, take the following steps:
    • Under "Tools", select "Internet Options".
    • Under the "General" tab, select "Delete Cookies" and click "OK". Then select "Delete Files" and click "OK"

What forms of payment are accepted?

Online purchases may only be made with Visa or MasterCard.

Will I be charged a shipping or handling fee?


Where can I see a complete list of California sport fishing license requirements?