Domesticated Game Breeder’s License

Domesticated Game Breeder's Licenses are required for any person engaged in raising or importing, or who keeps in captivity in this state, domesticated game birds or domesticated game mammals which normally exist in the wild in this state if the birds or mammals are kept more than 30 days after acquisition. Nor person can sell the carcass of any domesticated game bird or mammal without first obtaining a domesticated game breeder's license from the Department. A Domesticated Game Breeder's License is not required for any of the following:

  • Licensed Game Bird Clubs;
  • Licensed Domesticated Migratory Game Bird Shooting Areas;
  • Keepers of hotels, restaurants, boardinghouses, or clubs serving the meat of such birds or mammals for actual consumption on the premises;
  • Retail meat dealers selling such meat to customers for actual consumption; and
  • Public zoological gardens possessing such birds or mammals for exhibition purposes or for the purposes of disposing of such birds or mammals by sale, exchange, or donation to other public zoological gardens.


Application and Forms


Fees include a nonrefundable three percent (3%) application fee, not to exceed $7.50 per item. (Section 700.4, Title 14, California Code of Regulations)

Valid January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024

Entitlements Fee Description

Domesticated Game Breeder's License, Class 1

$27.55 175 or less ring-necked pheasants sold annually.
Domesticated Game Breeder's License, Class 2 $136.99 More than 175 ring-necked pheasants.
Domesticated Game Bird Seals $1.55 per book of 50 Domesticated game birds shall not be transported or sold dead unless each quarter and each loin of the carcass of each large mammal, the carcass of each bird, except as provided in Section 2401 for a domesticated game bird raised outside this State and the carcass of each small mammal is tagged with a domesticated game breeder's tag or seal. The tag or seal shall not be removed until such quarter, loin, or carcass is prepared for consumption. No tag so affixed can be used again. No tag or seal can be sold by the Department to anyone other than a person who is legally in possession of domesticated game.