Commercial Hunting Club License


Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Section 700.4(e), fees include a nonrefundable three percent (3%) application fee, not to exceed $7.50.

Valid July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024

Entitlements Fee Description
Commercial Hunting Club License 1 Property $282.25

2-5 Properties $695.25

6-10 Properties $1,382.50

11 or More Properties $2,758.00
Issued to any person in possession or control of property who imposes or collects a fee for the privilege of taking birds or mammals thereon, or who imposes or collects a fee for any type of entry or use permit which includes the privilege of taking birds or mammals on the property, is maintaining a commercial hunting club if birds or mammals are taken on the property. This requirement does not apply to any hunting club or program licensed under other provisions of this code, or to any person who receives less than $100 per entrant and receives less than a total of $1,000 between July 1 and the following June 30 for permission, entry, access, or use fees which include the privilege of hunting on property in his or her possession or control or to any landowner not involved in the operation of the club.