San Jacinto WA Land Management Plan


Location: The San Jacinto Wildlife Area (SJWA) is currently composed of approximately 20,126 acres of land located within central Riverside County.

Purpose of Acquisition: To protect and enhance habitat for plant and wildlife species, and to provide the public with compatible, wildlife related recreational uses.

Description*: Protect, restore, and enhance habitat for sensitive species; manage existing and new waterfowl and upland game hunting opportunities; manage agricultural activities to protect and enhance biological resources; develop and implement a wildfire plan; support the use of the wildlife area for other wildlife dependent public use activities; etc.

Environmental Review Process

Status: Complete

Notice of Determination: Filed on August 24, 2020, in compliance with Section 21108 or 21152 of the Public Resources Code.

CEQAnet Project Information

As lead agency, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) prepared a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the Land Management Plan (LMP) for the San Jacinto Wildlife Area. The PEIR has been prepared to provide the public, responsible agencies, and trustee agencies with information about the potential environmental effects of implementation of the SJWA LMP. The CEQA guidelines require that a copy of the final EIR be filed with the “appropriate planning agency of any city, county, or city and county”.

A physical copy is available at: 17050 Davis Rd. Lakeview, CA 92567.

Management Plan Retention

A hard copy of the Management Plan, including public comments and responses, can be viewed during regular office hours (Monday - Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) at:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Inland Deserts Region

San Jacinto Wildlife Area
17050 Davis Rd.
Lakeview, CA 92567
(951) 928-0580

Richard Kim
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Inland Deserts Region
Ontario Office
3602 Inland Empire Blvd. C-220
Ontario, CA 91764

*Implementation of tasks needed to achieve goals is dependent on the availability of staffing and an adequate operations and maintenance budget.